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Evangelion is one of the most average anime I have watched. Is that bad? Not really, considering the surplus of poor ones it surpasses.


Evangelions story at its core is pretty interesting. The second impact wiped out a vast majority of humans, and fifteen years later angels begin striking once more. Why are they attacking? Why do they not work together? Why are they coming to one area? What are the eva's? There is a lot of mystery to the series, and you cant help but be curious about what will happen next, on some level. A lot of questions are actually answered, though some are more apparent than others. I had thought for awhile nothing in the series would make sense, but it actually managed to redeem itself. The layout of most episodes is pretty redundant however, but still manages to usually add some more elements to the one giant enemy a episode being a challenge then being overcome forumla that plagues the likes of big O(though this is a lot better). It is a little weird how the pilots of humanities saviors are allowed in the public at all, and live with the likes of the drunk Misato, but that definetley adds a lighter humorous side to the series. There are a few facets to the series: The humorous side. The giant mecha side. The mysterious side. And the trippy side. It is usually balanced pretty well, except the last two episodes which make no sense for a little while before, what is happening sinks in. Nevertheless the fact a lot of the series is mecha battles are only loosely used to flesh out characters primarily serve as a time suck, characters having subconcious trips that try too hard to be profound, that characters primarily seem to enjoy expressing their severe mental issues through whining, and the fact some things simply aren't sufficiently explained drag it down.


Both utterly average, though I enjoy the opening. Voice actors are more annoying than efficient for the most part. Sometimes the soundtracks are legitimately hilarious.


Its hard to judge this part. On one hand the characters are explored deeply, on the other hand that's like saying your scuba diving in a five inch deep pond. All the characters are deeply disturbed in some regard, even if it only becomes evident later on. Mostly all of them are unbearable for the first half of the series, and even as we learn about them they still whine like shallow self obsessed ****'s which doesn't do well to redeem them. One character makes little sense until the last episode where he's completely different. Kaji and pen pen definetley run this show haha. Regardless despite the unbalanced annoying cast, they manage to pull through it without ruining everything.


I went into this expecting it to be so bad and just to laugh at it, but by the end, it was an average anime, with it's annoying and enjoyable aspects. It certainly triumphs over the likes of big O in the same genre, but falls short like most mecha anime, of being a truly decent series.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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