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May 8, 2010

Ah monster, I will be so bold to say it is the only good long anime, and not only good, great. 


The story follows wrongly accused Doctor Tenma on a quest to clear his name of the serial murders he has been accused of. Well More accurately, to kill the real murderer who he operated on and in a way, allowed to continue his spree. As the story unfolds over the length of 74 episodes questions of justice and the equality of lives are posed. There are no filler, however at one point the anime does unfortunately become almost episodic(around ten or so feel this way). The anime does maintain an incredible quality throughout the stories progression, and even the episodes that don't fit with the flow as well as they could have, contribute to characters, if nothing else. The anime could have been condensed into 60 episodes and been an even more impressive work(which would be amazing considering this is probably one of the few anime that can contend for the title: masterpiece). The anime also introduces a few characters that are contained to one episode, though it does remember a lot of small characters for the last stretch of the series. Lastly the anime requires some suspension of disbelief, as far as certain characters meeting each other, and even moreso a handful of killing using a certain bizarre technique which would require superhuman foresight. I have dwelled on the negatives so much, primarily to not go into and consequently ruin the amazing meat of the story. 


Good and pretty realistic. Characters are often rather ugly, and gives a pretty accurate depiction of the world. Effort was clearly put in to recreating the various places visited. Detail is also put into every characters life, as far as their living places details, a picture on the wall. We see characters who actually change clothes rather than succumb to the one outfit for duration of the anime syndrome, and who eat, where the animators did a great job depicting countless kinds of food which can easily make you hungry. Also in contrast to the usually ugly characters, the intended attractiveness of characters really comes through.


Fitting, it uses proper scores to fit the mood of whatever is unfolding, as is required. Voices of characters are well implemented. Johans voice actor does a perfect job, and Tenma's can handle a variety of situations. The opening theme certainly sets the mood, and the first ending theme is possibly the creepiest song I've heard when listened to after watching an episode.


Hot DAMN, we have a winner. Monster has the finest lineup of Characters ever. Berserk's Griffith may still be anime's best, but as a whole Monster has the best cast. From the whole series building Johan up, only for us to then explore his character intimately, to the progression of the rest of the cast it is all handled excellently. Never before have I spent twice the length of a short anime series despising a character to being on the verge of leaping out of my seat and screaming for their victory. The only problem with the main characters is that Johan is just a little too perfect, which lessens his effect, and Dr. Tenma becomes too perfect a little too quickly, but still plays his part well of course. 


Monster is the only good long anime. And is also the closest anime to a masterpiece. With an epic story for a realistic setting it entertains from opening to closing. It may not have the best character of all time, but it sure has the best cast and by the end of the series you are left satisfied, except in knowing you will never find something of it's quality again.

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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skankfish May 19, 2010

Only good long anime? Not sure about that, although it is certainly the best.