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Cowboy Bebop

Apr 20, 2010

Bebop is a good anime, next to anime like death note as one of the best gateway anime. It has likeable characters, a great atmosphere, and a musical soundtrack that has stuck in my head for years. That all being said it is also one of the most overated animes out there, though for understandable reasons.


Cowboy Bebop follows a loveable crew of space traveling bounty hunters and their adventure throughout outer space in the distant future. The atmosphere is somewhat dark, but humorous themes and characters often break this up. As far as story goes however, it is episodic in format. This is the series primary shortcoming, as despite having engaging characters and a very consistent quality of the episodes. Because of this, the series never really goes anywhere, and the climax(though a very well done one) could have been episode 5 if only story episodes were used in the series. Thus the series brings nothing profound to the table, though is consistently very enjoyable, and is concluded in a nice way that could almost trick you into thinking it was substantial.


Quite good, established the feel of the anime accordingly. The future space colonies, and the expanse of space all is believeable, and details into things like the crews space ship, and various locations visited are handled very well.


Love it, the soundtrack to this series was awesome. The opening wasn't breathtaking but fit in pretty nicely. But the ending was awesome, and throughout the episodes songs are expertly weaved in. Voice actors in english were surprisingly good, though of course no match for the original Japanese.


Likeable, though not particularlly well developed I would say. Mainly because most of the episodes are filler essentially, and therefore incpble of doing much for them. The villains are subpar, though in one case extremely BA. Really, they are sufficient and likeable, and by the end have served their purpose.


A must see anime, although a very overated one. Though enjoyable as it is made out to be, it is not as substantial as some may have been led to believe. Fun characters, in an interesting setting in addition to some valid points regarding the future and humanity. However the series is essentially just really good filler for 90 percent of it and the actual story isn't the great far beyond asthetically. Regardless a great gateway anime to share and enjoy!

5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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IndependentSK Jun 26, 2012

Excelent review!

you exactly summed up my thoughts