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Boogiepop Phantom

Apr 6, 2010

I will only give boogiepop phantom an overall rating, as it is not the kind of anime that would benefit from an in depth analysis of every aspect. It is also the worst anime I have had the displeasure of viewing(Update: No longer the worst!). I won't lie and say it doesn't have it's interesting aspects, but it is an overall unrewarding experience.

Boogiepop phantom begins with a mysterious beam of light, which takes place a month before the series begins to be fleshed out, and 5 years after some serial killings. I'll say now that this whole beam of light, nor the following events are really satisfactorily explained. Each episode is a different characters perspective, which leads to some events we see early on being revisited from a different point of view. While this can and should have been an effective means to tell a story, it doesn't apply when the substance of said story is literally the most nonsensical/meaningless pieces of scattered "emo" and forcefully morbid concepts an avid anime viewer has ever seen.

That's not to say the anime was completely boring at all times, a few abilities characters obtain are curious, though not used in beleiveable ways, and changes their character swiftly in an unbelieveable way.

I should also mention the animation style, which actually does capture the mood perfectly. To be honest, never before has animation affected me in such a way. Watching boogiepop, can only be compared to having a musty paper bag placed over your head for eleven episode, only to have it finally taken off for the final one. Boogiepop is 11 episodes of oppresive suffocation, and I am not exagerating. Again this style could have been good but when you are being suffocated and shown things which serve no purpose it only makes the experience worse at the end.

Outwardly bad however, are the characters. The characters all look identical, at this point I even feel the females looked like the boys and vice versa, though that could just be from the fact I lost all perception while watching this. Enforcing this is the fact many characters are named similarly. I think I was able to put names to faces at some point, but this anime has some of the least memorable characters, to the point I cannot name a single one other than the anime's namesake. Beyond those elements, the characters are forgettable as well. The anime is rather transparant and pretty evidently shows that change is a large theme. With that being the case it is odd that the characters have such weak development.

By the end of the 11 episode nightmare, I don't see who could say it was worth it, as the bag is taken off their head and the 12th episode rolls. You will leave with many more questions than you came in with, not feel revolutionized by any of the themes, and really just feel worse about anime as a whole. Many might argue I did not appreciate the dark oppressive feel and themes. I would laugh in the face of anyone who implied that and direct them to my other reviews. I have watched Texhnolyze which is both more oppressive(although it never put a bag over my head) and actually dark/depressing which Boogiepop wishes it was. Furthermore Texhnolyze actually does something with both it's oppressiveness and dark themes and despite being confusing too, actually makes sense. Berserk also sports dark themes, and uses them to incredibly establish and enforce characters. Monster a 74 episode long dark drama was so nicely woven I still remember characters like *&[email protected] Adolph Junkers in that random episode he was in near the beginning. I'm not saying that Boogiepop should be judged based on other animes, simply that when you look at how poorly it holds up to other anime which try less to be forcefully dark, and end up better/darker than it, it's lack of quality really shows. It may not be the antichrist of anime series, but it sure is an ugly stain upon it.


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3.5/10 overall
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Jehowi Aug 24, 2014

Great review. I'm at episode 3 and this is exactly how I feel about the series. I'm really in doubt about whether I'll finish watching this or not. To me it seems the only thing they want to do is shock the viewer in every possible way (eating bugs, serial killing, dead things calling you a liar,...) Also the OP song couldn't be less fitting.

LimeCultivist Jul 17, 2013

There's more to the story than this, there are mangas and light novels that help explain the story, so it wasn't confusing or random (with the aforementioned things). The characters are definitely forgettable, but it seems like each episode was meant to be viewed more as little stories than as a whole plot. Monster was way better than this, but Texhnolyze really didn't seem that much better and was not all that confusing in the first place.

SoulE Oct 25, 2010

I agree, well done.

Ghosty May 24, 2010

I think thats a very nice written and honest review.