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Death Note

Mar 15, 2010

There are anime that are easy and fun to watch, and then there are anime that are deep and profound. Death note is the hands down best of the former type.


Ah finally I get around to rewatching and reviewing Death Note. The story for the first portion of death note deserves nothing less than a ten. The concept is so unique and different than mainstream anime that it can and will engross any viewer. Rather than intense fights death note displays battles of wits, applied to very out of the ordinary situations. I would never spoil the great elements of the plot, but let it serve to say, probably a few of animes best episodes are found in this anime alone. One of the best things about Death Note though, is the stories pacing. The first episode is probably the most intruiging of any I've seen, as far as how much it accomplishes and draws you in, and literally all but I believe two leave you in a compelling way or with a powerful cliffhanger.

There is however an ugly side that could not be factored into the score, and that is the second season. There is a point where Death Note should have ended, and if not, should have been well planned and carried on. However the entirety of the second season easily seems like it was written by a different person, as it's level of quality proportional to the first season is awful. Overall the first season is an easy 10/10's as far as story goes, and thankfully has an alternate ending that can be found on youtube, that takes place where the series should have ended. The second season however is more deserving of a 6/10 and seems even worse when next to the first season.


Great stuff. Even though Death Note does not have top of the line animation as far as crispness and other regards. But it's use of color, distinct characters, and variety is the best around.


Your bound do love at least one of the opening or ending songs(four total) and enjoy the voice actors, at least the japanese versions. Lights voice actor does a great job of balancing his two personalities, and everyones voice actor hits their character dead on.


Death Notes characters are interesting. While each character is defiend excellently, there is not legitimate character development. All introduced characters are used, though all but L and Light come across as incompetent and useless. You will love or hate, or love to hate all characters in season 1. Of course season 2 is plagued with too many worthless characters to count.


Death note doesn't really need any help, and is probably the only good very hyped anime. Most popular anime is crap like Bleach, but this is one hyped on sheer brilliance and how easy it is to watch, and wholly deserving of the praise. While Death Note is not profound, and won't have you changing your life, it will be one of the easiest things you've watched, and at least make a few good points by it's end. Just be prepared for a gargantuan drop in quality towards the end.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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chaoserver Apr 19, 2010

By easy to watch I mean it's the easiest anime to get through, in comparison to other good animes which you might not be able to plow through so contently.

MOJ Apr 19, 2010

Easy to watch? I don't know what you meant by that but i racked my brains trying to figure out what will happen next (to no avail). Still loved it though and i do agree with what you said about the second season