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Feb 28, 2010


Finally, I get around to review Berserk. While nothing is wholly perfect, the parts of Berserk that are, can only be described as mind blowing. When you sit there having watched Berserk, it really hits you how signifigantly you've graduated from DBZ. If for some reason you watched the first episode and it turned you off. No. Turn back around and watch the next episode. I would recommend skipping the first episode, just like Berserks brother Gungrave. Although watching the first episode won't destroy your experience, your experience will be enchanced by jumping right in to episode 2.

Berserk is epic and the great thing is, it never forces it. Characters and scenes are simply good, no over the top animation, or forced "deep" philisophical monologues are to be found here. Rather the story unfolds in a way making the characters wholly believeable. Flashbacks are applied perfectly too, and never rude or used as filler, as has become habit to modern anime.

I will note there are demons and supernatural elements, which are rather unwelcome, but, serve as a needed story telling utility. I should also mention to be wary the ending is not for everyone. Many people miss the point, when if anything, the ending only enchances the greatness of the series. It has been described as lazy, quick, abrupt, even sloppy. While I can see how one might say that, I never would and I think that at least 25 percent of watchers will appreciate the ending for what it is.


While dated, that is to be expected. Some action scenes are not handled terrifically, though the important ones usually have a nice touch. Characters are distinct and well put together. The only poor parts overall to me, are the supernatural elements.


Mixed bag here. The opening and ending, though primarily the former, are inappropriate at best, and not only is not good music, but wholly clashes with the series. However the themes within the anime itself are great, and enhance the experience immensely. Voice actors are on key, and sound effects are pretty good, especially for the time of development.


No mixed bag here. Other than the comic relief villain, all characters are honed perfectly. Guts seems like a character we've seen a million times, lonely huge sword wielding killer. However if you actually pay attention and don't just pass him off as a cliche, he is a downright excellent character.

Caska is also a cliche breaker for a main female role. She actually develops, and comes across as believeable, ultimately helping the plot, rather than hurt it like most female roles in anime. No offense ladies.

Griffith however, is what makes Berserk. He is a phenomenal character you will not forget, and he has some of the most legitimately emotional and powerful scenes I have watched. His development is an interesting roller coaster, that will impact you profoundly.


Is Berserk the best anime of all time? If not, it is close. Even through it's small amount of issues, Berserk is one of the easiest animes to get through, and doesn't really have low points, just moments that aren't as absolutely mind blowing as the rest. After the series ends, you might be upset, empty, or lost for words, but I can guarantee you will be in awe, and will begin a difficult hunt for an anime that has the same impact.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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elpel Feb 9, 2014

you are a retard.

TheThunderBringer Mar 13, 2011

If it's anything like the manga, I should give it a shot.

I hear they're re-making the anime, btw.

chaoserver Feb 14, 2011

To each their own, it is WAY to upbeat and clunky/disjointed when compared to the other tracks imo.

skolnikc Feb 14, 2011

yeah good up to the part about the music. I like the opening it sounds so bad that it's good in it's own way. And actually fits into the series. I have to agree with everything else you said though.

xmr Sep 19, 2010

great review

and totally accurate