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Elfen Lied

Feb 24, 2010

Elfen Lied is a prime example of an anime that owes it's generally good scores solely to hype. People like it because they are told they will like it. It's a phenomena which, though it occurs in other cases, truly shines through with this anime above all others.

I'll start with Elfen Lied's story. Diclonius, unique human-like entities that have slight abnormalities such as horns, and invisible hands that can shred humans with ease, exist in this world. We are treated to our main character sporting her Diclonius power when she breaks(and then walks) out of a facility. She butchers the whole armed force bent on keeping her in without flinching, while in the buff, though ultimately is injured.

It's not a particularlly bad intro but what you get there is pretty much what you can count on for the remainder of the series. Obscene violence, which isn't bad on it's own right, but the action here basically equates to "my invisible arms are greater than your invisible arms!" When it is Diclonius vs. Diclonious and when it comes to Diclonius vs. humans the word massacre might be too soft. The poor, albeit well animated, violence, coupled with copious amounts of porn and kiddy porn alike just didn't work in this mess, other than appeal to some bizzare fetishes.

The plot is there, I suppose, has a good premise that is wasted(think gantz, and ergo proxy to a degree) on a more mainstream sense numbing route. We have a plethora of cliches to see here: high school boy that is suffering from amnesia and of course has a fairly predictable twist when it comes time to explore his lost memories, superpowered younger girls, flashbacks(not done particularlly well), and scheming individuals trying to claim a main character.

The characters are hit and miss, in the sense all are cliched, and really feel like clones of others in the series, or from other animes. We have a girl with split personalities, a boy with amnesia, and female killing machines, like I touched on before, all of which get old.

The anime serves to desensitize you and feel like you were watching some dirty kiddy snuff porn that doesn't know what it is. And it really doesn't. If it was going for a dark side of people theme, yes it's there, but it does it much worse than any anime I've seen. There's really no one to sympathize with after all, humans are wicked in their treatment of Diclonius, but then again the Diclonius kill(enemies and innocent) with such lack of compassion they sure can't reasonably be sympathized with either.

On one side we have a scene/effect of child rape which I really hate to say, wasn't what was worst in the series.. And on the other, streets being turned to blood soaked riots. The overall result is an extremely watered down version of the darker side of humans niche of anime. Aside from being treated to a nice opening and closing theme that one could fall asleep to, there really isn't much to see here. Yeah the animation is acceptable, but nothing beyond that, and is pretty consistently used to poorly recreate the nude female form, or mass murder, or both. Really this is a lot like Gantz, though Gantz is a little more ridiculous, and at least funny for all it's shortcomings.

Check out the opening song but unless you really want to give it a go, pass on this. I honestly do not know why this is such a raved about anime, it almost makes me worried about my fellow anime fans, but to each man their own!


2/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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RedCrossRobbery Apr 8, 2011

Poorly constructed review, but right on the money for overall idea. Elfen Lied is wildly popular for one reason. Gore. People see that gratuitous amount of impossible blood, and tell themselves "this is dark, all my friends who like dakr things will like this!". Truth be told though, if that's all you want, and you don't mind ignoring a hole-filled plotline, with unbelievable, and annoying characters, than yeah, I can see that working. "Hey guys, want a harem comedy/gore fighter?" "Ohh yeah! I totally like dark stuff! I bet the story line is sweet too!" "Yeah man, I'm not really sure because my overwatching of Naruto and Bleach has completely numbed my brain to enjoying anything past flashy graphics." Elfen Lied is a Gateway Anime. That is the only reason I have EVER given it any credit. People watch this, and become interested in what anime has to offer, and then they go out, and find all the incredibly better series that exist out there, and they turn out like you and me :]I mean... it's a stretch, but if I had to think possitive, that's all I would come up with for it, haha.

Echologic Jan 2, 2011

I dont think the hype thing is correct. I saw it way back, before i was on any anime sites. The way i found it was thru one clip on youtube. I liked it allot from watching it without anyone recomending it to me, so i dont think the "hype" remark is correct.

chaoserver Sep 18, 2010

Naruto lover? Are you daft? Look at my other reviews, Naruto's flimsy plot(hilariously still better than this garbage) is the last thing I want to watch. Hm, I focus on the lack of good fights? Did you even READ my review or do you copy and paste that horrible retort to everyone who disagrees with your opinion, because I pretty thoroughly attacked and dissected the terrible story with precision and detail you seem incapable of. Seriously you did not actually defend the series, but rather said I am wrong and you are right and that I could NEVER grasp the intricacies of the enigma that is Elfen Lied.

Get out of here generic Elfen Lied tard2042

deideiblueeyez Sep 17, 2010

A little too harsh, no anime or manga is PERFECT. I say, stop complaining about it. Point out its flaws, but don't go overboard with the mockery of it.

Anyways, I liked watching Nyu act all silly because it was well, a big contrast to her other blood-thirsty personality locked up in her head. And... well, i guess you're right..sorry so vague sounding, my meds have long since worn off :/

Nochibou Jul 20, 2010

Obscene violence, which isn't bad on it's own right, but the action here basically equates to "my invisible arms are greater than your invisible arms!"

Dear narutolover2042,

YOU have watched elfen lied, it was clearly not what you EXPECTED, clearly you got into this series promoted by the blood baths and a lot of VIOLENCE but YOU simply GOT dissapointed when you saw that this STORY contained a complicated plot, what leads me to think that you are not exactly in the demographics of this series is that you refer to kouta's repressed memories as amnesia and couldn't care less about them but quickly jump back into the lack of good fights.

 I hope I have been of help.