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Feb 23, 2010

Though it has been some time since watching Escaflowne, I remember going into it expecting something decent, and being dissapointed. However I must say that once the initial sadness of it being a worthwhile anime wore off, I quickly began enjoying the anime as a comedy, laughing at the cliche riddled storyline, hilariously bad characters(not all of them persay), and the constant weird trips that come on suddenly throughout the series.

Escaflowne is not by any means a painful anime, unless you came into it looking for a ground-breaking epic. It just boasts everything you can come to expect from a standard anime like it. High school girl ending up in another world where she plays a signifigant role(whatsup Inuyasha). Powerful suits used in war, the good guy having the initially most impressive, owning everything he sneezes at, and then coming across challenges with it later in the series. The broodingly dark Zaibach empire that is antagonizing the rest of the free world that is largely unexplored and un named is reminiscent of any other anime where a single colony is against the world, you know what I'm talking about. Theres a tragic hero bad guy brother(think along the Itachi/G gundam lines) which your familiar with, not to mention the poorly motivated villains lineup, to give you an idea: " Bwahahaha I am so evil, I kill because it's what I do and because you hurt me I will make it my lifes work to kill and kill until I kill you" yeah, one of those and, " From my lofty position I will bend even fate!" ect. Obviously not exact quotes just poking fun at the cliches. Are there much worse animes to watch? Oh yes! But if you want anything that could be viewed as new, fresh, exciting, or not cliche you will want to go elsewhere. If you've watched any gundam or something of the like and enough cliche anime, this show will do little for you than perhaps get some laughs.

As far as animation sound ect. it is just good, and would have sufficed if not for the lack of... Well anything substantial. No it's no 5 centimeters per second so the animation won't have you blown away to the point of it pulling you through it's lack of substance. It is still one of the funnest anime to laugh at though.


3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Wickerman Mar 15, 2013

As jive found by watching it that's its one of thouse shows that your watching with something in mind.  Like cinematgrophy or soundtrack.

Mantis Oct 23, 2011

I knew you'd be one of those "won't watch" for nearly every anime trolls before I even clicked your anime tab.

You're still one of the funnest (not a word, by the way) fools to laugh at though.