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Think I best spruce this up a bit.... but I'll do it later...

Got any recommendations tell me I'll watch any anime, as long as it keeps me interested enough, don't mind long animes currently watching One Piece :), want some recommendations just ask.

Could take a while to rate all the anime that I have watched....

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BlackRozeOtaku Feb 26, 2010

now that u mention it ur spellings have always been correct..... haha im trying out ur method and it certainly works great! oh and sorry for not replying sooner! ive just had to worry bout so much stuff that i havent had time to get back to you)X   you should read the manga its really good! havent been able to get my hands on more volumes but i would if i could!

Danm! u r good at procrastination! u beat me at my own game! shame has been brought down upon me!!!!! haha

recent timescale??? well ur in the middle of newbie/kinda newbie anime fan((:  (good thing i think^__^) well i think the main thing is that u have found ur way towards the light! haha 

English subbed is great(= when some voice-actors do animes they sometimes for some unknown reason do a more weird voice..idk why though. someone should tell them to just act normal or use their original voice. but then again there some cases where the japanese do sound kinda girly like you said or they sound just plain hilarious when they yell! haha XD

what r the fair few English/Dual Audio anime?

i think ur hobbies r cool ^__^ unique to wat most people i know have to say. My trademark dishes are onigiri(love making them!) and sushi. also mexican food and salsas(X that kinda almost specifies my whereabouts or at least my ethnic backgroundXD(yeah i live in the usa(: so ur not from the us?)

The art of War does sound interesting...i <3 reading so much! haha well i love metal!!!!,post-hardcore,screamo,spanish rock,techno(somewat) and lots of more music!Favorite films......well my favorite 2 films that i can remember are "Haunting In Conneticut" & "The Boy in the Striped Pijamas"! i have watched toooooooo many movies(i go to the movies every sunday!0.0) so its kinda hard to remeber most of them even if they are my favorites... haha  Books...... well i love paranormal,murder, mystery, and fantasy! and of course most of all MANGA!!!

Gosh now im running out of thoughts on what to ask!Hmm....... then  ill ask you bout random stuff that pops in to my head and bourt ur opions on them if thats ok(: sorry if they r just plain weird and random!

1.Donuts.what u think bout them?wat ur fav flavor?

2.wat do u think bout the CAPTCHA code thingy?

3.3d movie u wanna watch?

4.biggest fear?

5.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

have fun>3>

thats all i got at the moment(: i had more but they went away haha

BlackRozeOtaku Jan 23, 2010

haha i enjoy getting these essays back(X although i do have to open a seperate page to read wat u asked and stuff.still fun!lol well to start off again.....yeah ive read Trinity Blood^__^i got as far as only vol.2 but i do plan to finish it! hmm.. About Darker Than Black ive been wanting to watch it but havent found the time due to school as well(whilke im typeing this i am still procrastinating!bad ....)Soul eater is awesome but does that mean ur a recent anime fan(NOT SAYING ITS BAD!)Im sure ull get even more hooked into the anime world^__^ and yeah at least were not addicted to drugs(; "Drugs are for those who are weak and that need a substance just to deal with everyday life!"QUOTE FROM FOAMY THE SQUIRREL!<----HES A SMART SQUIRREL!lol

and as to ur questions no i dont mind u asking:D

i prefer English subbed over Dubbed most times.theres only a couple of animes that ive liked alot for its dubbed(such as Eureka 7, inuyasha. FMA,Cowboy Bebop and a couple more)it really depends on the english voice actors >_- which do u prefer?other hobbies have to be drawing,reading normal novels,playing music,and i guess cookingXPgeneral classes or specialist classes.....well i guess it would be both.but more general than specialist.u?

what kinda music do u like?wats ur hobbies?wat do u like to do for fun?(haha its kinda hard to come up with questions that are not too personal but good at the same time(: again if u dont mind me asking too

BlackRozeOtaku Jan 13, 2010

dude believe the idea of u writing an essay has made my day!(not meant to be wierd its just lately ppl at school have become quiet-i try to liven them up but quickly after they just shut up!its so weird!!!) really glad u added kuroshitsuji!!!i personally love it!actually i kinda love every dark european animeXDive been wanting to watch the hellsing series so thanx for reminding me!(wait have i said this already????i think i have!dammit!i keep repeating myself!sorry  i just have a tendancy to do so sorry if i reat alot of stuff!stupid terrible memory!!!>.<)i know whatcha mean about anime being faster.we love the manga but sometimes it just seems to drag on so we tend to watch the animes instead.that plus in the anime u somehow get a closer feel to reality...maybe cuz of the sounds and color??it kinda surprised me that u mention alot of the manga i love!toradora(KAWAIII!!!)zombieloan(PEACH-PIT ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!LOL)and Black Cat(plain awesomeness!)and i think thats awesome that u like some romance manga too(;

As for my favorites they would be Rozen Maiden(like i said Peach-Pit ROCKZ!),Eureka 7,Le Portrait de Petit Cossette(LOVED IT!!),Code Geass,Deathnote,Fullmoon Joker,Kimi NI Todoke and more but i dont remember...hehe as for the first one it had to be either pokemon or digimon(dont really know if they would be considered anime anime).i didnt know they were anime until i watched Inuyasha(i quess u could kinda call this my first anime????maybe??lol). so wat was urs?have u found any interesting anime or manga lately?

BlackRozeOtaku Jan 8, 2010

woah!!! I LOVE ALL THOSE ANIMES / MANGAS TOO!!!! u got great taste mah friend! ^__^ thats just so cool! XD ummm... have u watched Kuroshitsuji?i personally love it!hmm....gosh im not really good when it comes to recommending*GOMENASAI!!* cuz i kinda read so many  I FORGET!(i have a terrible memory!)hmmmm.......wat are ur favorites so far?

BlackRozeOtaku Jan 7, 2010

thanx for the reply!!

yeah,i tried reading one piece but i guess it just didnt work out for me....(sorry if ur a fanatic of one piece!!!>.<)and about hellsing ive been meaning to get to that anime but completely forgot!THANX FOR REMINDING ME!! u have any other recommendations?