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Im VePpy..,

nD iM totaly An anime freaK..,WEll i CAN saY DAt I sPeNd MoRE oF mY tyM WAtChIng It ..,DAn dOInG gUlZz StUFf!

Nd iM nOt Ur TyPiCal GuRl.. DrOoLInG ArOuNd InTo sOme hOtTIe GUYzZ Nd LOoKiNg FoR eYe CaNdiEs..,

F u CaN'T sEe Me In mAnGa StOrE!! Im In FRoNt oF mY CoMpUtEr FanTaSiZiNG d HotTEst AnIme EvER!!

i WAnT tO bE pArT Of dER fUcKinG wOLrD..,

f OnlY derZz An AnIme .. dAt Will SuCk real HUmAn INTo Der WorlD WEll Im uR willinG vIcTiM!

nD I aM mOre InTo rOmAnTiC CoMeDy..,aDvEnTuRe.., ScIEnCe FaNtASy.., sTeAMpUnK..AcTioN.., MeCha..,      

                        nD  MySTERY

OhH.. Hell i LuV  DeM oL dEy MadE Me LaUgh really

HArD.. Well I waNt tO MeET tHoSE wHo aRE InsaNe AS

Me WhEn It CoMeS tO aNiME!!

oHh.. I aLmoSt FoRgOt..

F EvER u Will REcCOmMEnD mE sOme AnIMe.. F pOsSiblE

dNt GiVE Me An AniME w/ a pUre dRaMa GeNrE..

i Have 2 mUch DraMa On mY life..

I caN taKe To WAtCh oNe..

hEhEhEhE..maYbe cOmeDy DraMa..

DaT'z Ok.. BUt f It'z OnlY DRAMA.., naH!! tNx But NO


my favorite anime..

fUshiGi yUuGi

CereS,CelesTiAl leGenD.

Ouran High sChoOl cLuB

YaMaTo nadeshiko HenGe


ItAzUrA nA kIsS

SaiUnKoKu MoNoGaTaRi

Vampire knight/ VamPiRe kNiGht GuilTy

SkIp BeAt

HaKuShAkU tO YoUsIe

Nodame contabile

lovely complex

full metal panic


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KiraRin Sep 25, 2009

Hi, some nice top anime shows there! But I think your shift key is playing up a little....


wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Question:  What anime is your avatar from?

bakanene Apr 8, 2009

Hi, sorry for the late rely.

You have a twin, that so nice do you get along?

I have an older sister but I have to tell you that you don't have to be twins to be permanently compared to your sister.  My sister used to beat the cr_p out of me when we were kids, we hated each other because we were  too different.  When we were in high school my parents forced us to move together just the two of us and after a while we were  unseparable.

I'm gratefull to mom and dad for  this, we owe it to them that we are such good friends now.

You not having a boyfriend is  more than ok...  I mean all my friends had boyfriends in high school except me. It was like a trend or something, of course  none of them were in love so they had a different one every month lol. They used to try hook me up with different guys , it was so funny I was so meen  to the guy  who supposed to be my date. They all asked me how can you  live without a boyfriend and  the answer was allways the same: How can you live with  one? They were all shocked I never had a boyfriend, of course I  kissed a few boys but nothing more, I'd forget all about him the next day or get bored of him the next day. (and i didn't tell my friends about it because i kinda liked all the fuss, a few years later I told the about my first kiss)

I just couldn't have a boyfriend till i found prince charming.

I know how it is when everyone is making a fuss over a stupid thing like this, just don't let it bother you, try to see the funny side in it.

 I'm glad you feel like you can confide in me :) Kisses and try enjoing  all the fuss, remember, this could be a way of being in the center of attention and  of course there are the blind dates and your friends trying to hook you up with someone, all these can be pretty funny.

Just have some fun and  accept when they are trying to hook you up and then act stupid or silly, embarrass the s**t out of the people who introduced you to the nice guy.

DeaddogGod Apr 2, 2009

haha :P better late then never

anyways thnx for the welcome ;)


IchiNaru Mar 30, 2009

Hehe thanks. Your profile is great to =)