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Divergence Eve


I don‘t like sci-fi very much, unless it has some interesting message or philosophical questions in it. So, what can we find in this anime? Possible consequences of the existence of parallel universes, DNA experiments on people..but as these topics are well known in sci-fi genre, I don’t think that this anime is somehow special..

It was quite interesting for me to learn about the motives why cadets joined military and about the motives of commanders to keep info about the enemy top secret..Sometimes, it must be hard to decide whether to tell people the truth (which can cause panic and despair) or not and act like nothing is going on (and suppress any effort to bring out some info)..As for me, I would always prefer to tell people the truth..

To summarize my view of Divergence Eve – it was waste of time, nothing new for me..and those large breasts were very disturbing, I don’t know how such extremely large breasts can be considered attractive..even my bf. said that it was ugly..

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