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Crazy Girl Shin Bia

11 MAR

warning:spoilers full

I'm recovering from my cold, so I'm at home and have just finished reading of Crazy Girl Shin Bia. Even though this was really my type of genre, I didn't like the end. Lately, I've been quite sick of girls choosing the wrong guys. I really don't understand why Bia chose Yoo Baek over Mue Yeong. Mue Yeong liked her true self from the very beginning, helped her, even gave her the scared dagger from his mom, he always stood for her but in the end, she still chose the emperor who wasn't even the strongest guy. And Shin Bia admired strenght. I felt really sorry for Mue Yeong but I guess there was no other way for him. Afterall, he was plotting against the future emperor.

Still, if I think about the main reason why Shin Bia was brought to that world, it doesn't make sense to me. If the former celestial Bia did see the future, couldn't she prevent it? She knew she was going to die and she set for a journey anyway. To me, this concept is just unacceptable. Accepting one possible future just like that is nothing else than pure fatalism. I guess I'm overthinking it.

Many thanks to Mi Ri Hwan for such catching manhwa!!!! 

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