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Genji Monogatari Sennenki

11 OCT

I almost dropped this anime but somehow decided to continue since it had only 11 episodes and since I wanted to know what would happen between Prince Genji and Princess Fujitsubo.. Prince Genji somehow resembles european most famous lover Casanova but while Casanova used many "strategies" to seduce women, it seems that prince Genji didn't have to do anything..he was so handsome that women wanted him to look at them, to touch them and sleep with them and he just followed this flow..I cannot agree that he just wanted to forget his forbidden love to his stepmother..he seemed to admire beauty and individuality of women (of every his lover).. Anyway, the fact that prince Genji was sleeping with some woman in every episode made me feel a little embarrassed because my husband was usually around and I was like "what if he sees that this anime is only about sex"..he already thinks that I'm watching worse and worse series than before^_^

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sabutaatti avatar sabutaatti
Dec 15, 2009

well that novel' content wasn't nothing else than Genji's miscellaneous romance stories (you could always say to your husband what you watched was "classic work of Japanese literature" adaption, ahahahahaa)...

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