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I have watched anime for a long time and i came upon this site when looking for a comparison to an anime (lovely complex) that i love . So that i could watch something new. If anyone has any other recommendations of anime that i should give a chance to i would love to hear them.

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turtleduck Nov 1, 2011

Yeah Junjou Romantica is amazing its my all time favorite!!! Deadman Wonderland is kind of violent and sci-fi but its really good from what I read in the manga, currently watching it. Descendants of Darkness is shounen-ai and its the anime that started by obsession with shounen-ai and its really good. 07-ghost and Durarara!! are just funny and entertaining.

LadyPsychic Oct 26, 2011

Hi, welcome to Anime Planet.  One anime that I highly recomend is Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.  It's one of my all-rime favorite anime.

turtleduck Oct 25, 2011

Hello and welcome to Anime-Planet!! I see your watching Junjou Romantica, its amazing. I recommend watching Deadman Wonderland, Durarara!!, 07-Ghost and Descendants of Darkness. To me they are awesome anime.