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Just your anime lovin med student here. Well I guess I shouldn't pigeon hole myself as an anime lovin person... I'd say more of a good anime lovin med student. Yeah I'm rather picky, I prefer slice of life and great story lines.. of course good art as well. (but since some anime is just good art with no plot... yeah thats why I said it.) And since I use both sides of my brain, that would give me an advantage to say... well... you figure it out. Logical and Intuitive combination... what does that make me... to spell it out I'm an artist and a scientist. A thinker and a dreamer... which makes me... have an edge I guess. Took quite awhile to get to this place, but hey anyone could do it. Geez sounds like an touting my greatness... am I the greatest thing ever? No of course not, why would I do that to myself makes for way to much competition and focus on the wrong things.

Alright so I'm a enviromentaly concerned , hip-hop, organic promoting, empathetic, scientist with a drawing pencil in my right hand, who is constantly concerned with the wellbeing of others, while enjoying anime and thinking about the wilderness. AKA a revolutionary.

I'm open to reccomendations, as you can see from what I have watched (and my TOP 5!!) it's fairly easy to discern what I'm interested in. Or if you just have something to offer go for it. I'll give anything a try atleast. Oh, I also have a wonderful playlist(music) if you'd care for a recc.

Holy cow.. did you catch all that. I had to read it twice. hehehe

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Kivan says...


you alive ?:(

please tell me you are :) you are ...aren't you :) alive :) lemme know :) 

Apr 1, 2008
1010rikku says...

Totally frigid today...*teeth chatters*

But other than that been doing amazing. Started going to the gym, fell in love, started drawing the next thing on my list is to WATCH MORE ANIME!!!

Received my Full Metal Panic boxset, so hopefully this weekend I will be able to get through a few DVD's. I got kinda burned out with anime, was watching series that weren't really interesting me...hopefully this one will renew my love *heart*

How about you? Watching anything good? 

Jan 24, 2008
1010rikku says...

*waves enthusiastically to fellow enviromentally consious friend!*

HALLOOOOOO! How you been? IHow's you cute little doggie? *smiles*

Jan 23, 2008
Kivan says...

happy new year cazz :) and this msg will not auto 10 but 3 seconds :)

Jan 2, 2008
Lolo says...

Have a Happy New Year!!!

love - the marvelous captain lolo

this message will self destruct in 10seconds




Dec 30, 2007