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 Part 3.

Been a member for quite some time. Engineering geek looking for things to waste a little spare time on. 

Still enjoy anime though. Still searching to find shows to top Claymore, Beserk, Cowboy Bebop and Attack on Titan.

One Punch Man has climbed my list of favorites pretty quick recently. Getting ready to start Mob Psycho 100.

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Sunagan Mar 3, 2010

Ah! I see you ended up loving bleach after all ^_^! It's always great to see this kind of thing happening.

Now, I'm going to do the same (again xD) for One Piece. Yes, it's somehow fundamentally different from Bleach and Naruto and it's incredibly lame in the beginning. you detest the art style and the humor and the majestic lameness the whole thing is breathing. But hold on. just like bleach, this series is gonna get so awesome you won't believe there was a time you actually disliked it. It just takes some time. However, watch the english dub at your own peril. It's heavilly censured.

Sorry to be bothering you again with one piece, but i just can't leave this matter seeing you like both naruto and bleach xD!

Sunagan Dec 6, 2009

Yeah, Bleach really doesn't get interesting before ep 17 or 20... I happen to have a high thrash tolerance, so usually I just keep watching til something interesting happens and then I'm addicted ^_^! It's the same with One Piece. My younger brother started watching it and I just mocked him because I thought it was the lamest series I had ever laid eyes upon. He just laughed at me sarcastically and said: 'you just wait...' Later he forced me to gradually watch more and more One Piece eps and at a certain point i found myself digesting more than 30 eps a day and still loving it... One Piece grew into one of my favourite anime series that made me laugh most, up to the stomach-aching, hysterical point that you can't stop anymore ^_^... So all I can say is have a little faith and perseverance, and it'll be rewarded!

Sunagan Dec 5, 2009

Hahaha hey hi there looks like we have similar tastes in anime but it's a shame you dropped One Piece after ep 3 ^_^ you should give it a second chance. There's almost no anime i hated as much as OP but once you get past a certain point theres only addiction :D Right now i value it just as much as Naruto and Bleach...

namine14 Nov 21, 2009

Ur Welcome!!!