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Kanokon Specials

Apr 25, 2010


I must be a failure as a woman, because I didn't realise that there were SO MANY different ways to expose your breasts.


So much bouncing. So many shiny nipples. It's like the shangri-la of boobs! (Though Tamamo's mahoosive nips border on the disturbing)


Plenty of cheesy music to go with the various "photoshoot" episodes, not that any male is likely to be paying any attention to what he can hear at this point... Of course, when there's no music there are plenty of orgasmic noises, squelches and boings to titilate and satisfy even the most sexually-repressed guys out there.


Wait... there are characters attached to the breasts?!


Twenty-four minutes of fap fodder.

0.5/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Tierouy Apr 12, 2011

I watched "Kanokon" because I wanted to know what a Harem anime was like. That show was so bad it was entertaining. I felt that watching this on the other hand was below my dignity and thus I refused to watch more than one "episode" of it.

Laserman May 29, 2010

Now the real question is, why did you watch all 12 of them. It was clear to me after the first one that it wouldn't have a story, and thus I only watched one...

Laserman May 29, 2010


LinkSword Apr 29, 2010

''Twenty-four minutes of fap fodder.''

Not even worth that IMO xD. Fifth 0.5 in my list!