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Cassie's Anime of the Week - One Piece

27 NOV

I keep getting random ideas on what I want to do on here (and on my tumblr) and one thing I thought I'd do is "Anime of the Week". Every week I'll post about an anime that I think is worthy of a recommendation. I'll also likely extend this to "Manga of the Week", "Character of the Week", and maybe even "Crapheap of the Week/Month/Whenever I feel Like Doing It". Anyway, here's my first pick, and for anyone that knows me, this doesn't come as any surprise; it's One Piece.

One of my absolute favourite anime series, One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy as he gathers his own crew and embarks on his quest to become the King of the Pirates. Along the way he faces countless adventures, fantastical lands and bizarre acquaintances.

Ok, so I'll admit that I'm a rabid fangirl when it comes to this series In all seriousness though, why do I think this is worthy of my vote of Anime of the Week? Well to put it simply, it's incredibly fun! With a whole heap of humour and more kick-ass action than you could shake Usopp's nose at, it manages to keep you entertained for hours upon hours. The creativity and imagination behind each story arc is incredible, but amidst all the wackiness, Eiichiro Oda (the original creator) manages to inject genuine emotion into the proceedings. Not only does this series get you hyped up, but can then tug at the heartstrings and reduce you to a sobbing mess of tears.

Sure, it's a marathon series that's currently at 476 episodes, but despite it's length the plot to filler arc ratio is pretty low by comparitive standards. Yes, the anime drags out certain parts of the manga's plotline and does throw in some filler storylines from time to time, but the frequency of this is WAY lower than the likes of Shounen's worst offender, Bleach. So, if you like shounen then One Piece really is worth a look. Go on, give it a go, or Zoro will get you!

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Urakai avatar Urakai
Apr 6, 2011

One Piece is the only anime that never ceases to amaze me. I`d love thou to be finished in my lifespam so i`ll not be forced to return as a ghost to see how is finished

Sunagan avatar Sunagan
Nov 29, 2010

One Piece is sparkling, shiny awesomeness.

Rickoon avatar Rickoon
Nov 27, 2010

One Piece was one of my favorites, but I found it difficult to wade through the staggering amount of episodes and had to drop it. It reminds me of how everyone tries to get me to read the Wheel of Time series but I just can't bring myself to even try reading ten or so books at 900 pages a piece all about the same story.

I've found with anime I can make it to 150-200 episodes at the most before asking myself, what happened in that many episodes that made it worth the time? Long filler usually marks the grave of show I once would've never considered dropping.

Personally, I think the show started going downhill after the Arlong episodes, bounced back up during the Arabasta (sp?) arc and then took a nose dive immediately after; at which point I dropped my once favorite series.





One Piece

Bleach (you only lasted a few episodes before I realized your destiny would never align with mine).

redfire389 avatar redfire389
Nov 27, 2010

Good idea, I'm also thinking what to do with my blog, right now im your blogging whatever comes to mind so my mind doesn't overload haha, Meanwhile I practice english and writing skills hehe. We should make more use of the blogging, there are only a few blogs each day and most of them just have a few words.


Anyway, good initiative, I'll check all the blogs you post.


Sadly can't say much about one piece, I don't really like it :) but can't deny it's very famous.


see you around, keep the blogging up(I should be studying and not in Ap right now haha)



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