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Useless bloody subs!

20 JUL

So I'm finally sitting down to watch Lupin III vs Detective Conan. I've been looking forward to it, but now I remember why it is that I haven't watched it yet; the only sub available is abysmal!

The spelling and grammar is awful, the timing is out, the on screen text has been completely ignored and worst of all, half of the dialogue has not been translated. Also, as if that wasn't bad enough, you can tell that the untranslated parts are some of the more important bits of speech - the parts that actually explain half of what's going on! his is particularly useless when you're trying to get a decent grasp on the plot in order to write a synopsis.


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alexshim avatar alexshim
Aug 29, 2009

some opinion they are making some useless subs and even dubs they are horrible

Tangelax avatar Tangelax
Aug 10, 2009

I've never actually had really bad subs, I can't imagine people actually leaving out chunks of text, hopefully I will never have to encounter such translations.

Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Jul 20, 2009

oooh Oooh! I have been meaning to see it. I am glad you warned me.

I figure it might be a big enough title that it might get a proper release on DVD. I mean you put Case closed AND Lupin together?  I mean, even if Funi, has given up on Lupin releases, I think they are still rolling out Case Closed, am I right? 

If I do not see something soon, I will have to look up a couple different fan-subbing sites. 

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