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Kuuchuu Buranko


Before I start, this is going up as a blog post because, at the moment, I'm thinking that I may end up doing a site review of this one.

So, I started watching this earlier in order to add it to the DB. While watching the first episode it felt like an anime that genuinely scared me because it was just SO bizarre. The animation style is very different and at times unsettling, and it felt very much like it was being weird for the sake of it without any rhyme or reason. To put it bluntly, at this point I was all prepared to drop it after watching the first three episodes to get the entry done.

Then came episode 2.

This episode had me in stitches - but that's because I can't help but laugh at penis-related humour - especially of the erection variety. But aside from that, it felt like a few things clicked into place. I was beginning to understand certain aspects of the weirdness, and while it still currently feels like it's being weird for the sake of, that isn't quite so prevalent now. The animal heads are like a bizarre mimicry of the patient's state of mind, and when it initially seemed like Ichirou was stalking his patient, he now seems more like a guiding voice - like some psychedelic, freaky needle-fetishist version of Jiminy Cricket.

Kuuchuu Buranko is an odd series for me. I can't quite decide if I like it or not, but, for now, it certainly has me intrigued.

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youkais avatar youkais
Feb 1, 2010

Well, I have to agree with you. The first impression is something like that.

But, at the end, you understand it all like if that was right there all the time.

Personally, I enjoyed this serie the most at the end. I was so moving... one of the best this "season".

(my season because I see series off-time)

PS: congrat for your graduation! (me... always late)

KiraRin avatar KiraRin
Jan 10, 2010

Aha! I was literally about to pester you for your thoughts on Trapeze. Been on a mega download spree, and noone seems to have watched this!

Looking forward to it now, but it'll have to wait until after Super GALS ._.


alexander avatar alexander
Nov 1, 2009

I pushed it back after ep3 because it's rather repetitious. Even Fukuichi looses his charm when he follows a pattern ^^

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