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First I want to give credit to the Artist for the Header I used.

The Header art is part of a masterpeice created by VanRah. The Comic is her creation called Stray Dog. VanRah is currently published in French, but the rough drafts are available online by her in english too. It is one of my current favorites I keep up with (Romance, action). 

Now I'll Give some info about me ^_^ 

Here's a link to my google + .

I am a single mother of 2 boys. I love reading pretty much everything I can, from books to Manga/Manhwa/Comics to Newspapers. I also Enjoy Anime. I honestly don't watch much regular TV or Movies. I prefer Anime when watching something. I also enjoy RPG games and also my App games on my IPAD such as Summoners War, Minecraft, Brave Trials, and Zenonia and tons of Otome Games.

I write fan fiction for the anime and manga I like the most though I usually do not share or post them. I also like to write my own stories and poetry.

Although I tend to be a loner by nature I do enjoy talking to people online about the things we share a passion for. If there is anything else you would like to know about me feel free to ask. 

My Favorite AMV's (Playlist)


My Favorite Manga MMV's (Playlist)  -Good MMVs are harder to find unfortunately. But here is what I could find.

Below is info about clubs I am into on the site here:



A-P Welcome Committee

The Anime Planet Welcoming Committee Club is a club that aims to greet every new person who comes to the site and right now the Welcome Committee is actively looking for Supporters and Greeters. The club knows that not everyone who would like to has the time to become a Greeter. However, if you believe that Greeting new people when they come to this site is a worthwhile endevor, then you can also become a club supporter. Click the link below to get more information on becoming a Greeter or Supporter and feel free to ask me any questions about it as well. 


*I am a supporter of the welcome Committee and also greet people who are new to the site. 


Contests I am currently involved in on A-P:


Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- I tried to finnish but failed miserably. Still I was able to watch some new anime I had not tried before and would not have given a shot if not for this contest. So it was a good experience. 

 Anime and Manga Challenge 2016.Created by kotokuki - Done - I plan to finnish writing out my lists soon and then I want to do this one again for 2017.

This is a challenge to complete either one or both of the lists below (the reading one she put up optionally). If you are interested in joining in on either the anime or manga challenge here are the forum links to get more information:        

Anime Challenge --- Manga Challenge

If you want to be part of the challenge but do not have a forum link yet you can leave a message with Kotokuki on her profile. Her profile link is above.

I decided to do both challenges and put my finnished anime/manga into lists. Here is a link to view my lists:

                        My manga challenge list                                                  My anime challenge list                                                        

The contest below was optional and I decided to continue doing it even though the forum no longer includes it. I will include my list of books below since I cannot make a list.

  1.  A book published this year - Tryst - By Alex Rosa - This book was published March 2015. Right now it is January 2016. So it has been less than a year since it was published. It's a excellent read... if you like steamy romances. There is a sequel as well on wattpad too. Here is a link to the author's preview on Wattpad. (I bought this as a e-book on my ipad)
  2.  A book I can finish in a day - Run... by Ambercrombie9 - (Wattpad Story)- this is one of those steamy adult romance ones... It was a good short read and other than the errors here and there that seemed to stem from the author editing, I enjoyed it for the first 6 chapters completely. After that, I felt that if the girl didn't get pregnant nearly imediately, and they had more time to get to know eachother, I would have loved it. I have issues with stories both in manga and novels that go: Fling + Pregnancy = Together happily ever after.  (here's a link to Run...)
  3.  A book or series I have been meaning to read - A Love Worthy by: Inkzerospace (A wattpad Book) - this story is a historical romance and it was written really well. I ended up enjoying the story overall. However, I had some issues pushing myself through parts where the girl protagonist willfully ignored and contradicted her own feelings and desires and also ignored all the signs of Dorian's (the male protagonist) feelings for her, just to try to keep that extra drama, and insecurity going in the story for a bit longer. However, despite what I just complained about, overall, I enjoyed the story. ( Anyways, here's a link to the book: link )
  4.  A book recommended to me in person -
  5.  A book recommended to me online -
  6.  A book that I should have read in school - The Unbearable Lightness of Being - (Finnished) - This is a favorite of mine and if I would have gone to college I would have probably read it that way. It was course material for a guy I dated back in the day and he said I would like it. I ended up buying a copy after I read through his. It's a difficult read but many parts made me burst out laughing. I love it and have re-read it more than a handful of times. I especially like when Sabina hides the guy's sock because she caught him glancing up at the clock when they were having sex so she makes him go home to his live in serious girlfriend (can't remember if they were married yet) wearing her woman's stocking. I really liked her. She is my favorite character. It a very complicated and psychological novel. However, I would suggest it to anyone looking for a good read. Here is a link to it on Good Reads.
  7.  A book that holds educational value -
  8.  A book published before I was born -
  9.  A book that was banned at some point -
  10.  A book that I previously Abandoned -
  11.  A book that I own but have never read -
  12.  A book that intimidates me -
  13.  A book or series that I have already read at least once - Stolen Hearts - by: KatherineArlene - (Reading) - This is a excellent story. I mean it should be published and be getting money. It is really really good. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to see how a REAL drama filled romance should play out without all the self made drama and shallow love triangles. I did not read the sequel because I was afraid that the story would go downhill. It was excellent and it's free to read on Wattpad so you should read it... It is kinda tramatic though to be fair. Romance/Drama/Mystery/Mature(especially near to the ending)
  14.  A book containing short stories or poems -
  15.  A book from the new york times best sellers

* Wish me Luck. I have a lot of reading and watching to do. ^_^

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Alikonain Apr 3, 2017

Hello. I'm a bit confused. I have a working and running profile on MyAnimeList. Why should I switch to Anime-Planet?

Sianeka Mar 22, 2017

Hi!  Long time no see!  You've been on hiatus a while and we haven't been in touch with each other. *sad*  I'm hoping that things are going well for you.

WECO's doing well, and the site is getting lots of new members.  Summertime's coming up and the team could sure use more help.  So I'm wondering if you have time in your schedule at this time to reactivate again as an active Greeter?  WECO misses you!  You don't have to do a lot - even if you only come back one day a week (10 names takes less than 5 minutes time to greet!)  Please consider it!

If you can't do it at this time, that's fine.  But I thought there'd be no harm in asking, just in case you can.  Cause it would be so helpful to have more Greeters helping out these days.

Either way, I'd love to hear from you again and catch up on your current situation.  Please drop me a comment letting me know how things are going for you and what you've been doing. *smile*

Sianeka Mar 20, 2017

Wishing for you to have a GREAT birthday. Happy Birthday!

tikkymykk Feb 13, 2017

You should def check out Pale Cocoon. I'm gonna leech off your list like a mofo xD

Great taste.