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I was going on preacher’s daughter in Atlanta and I just couldn't live ally or so I came out and told my parents that I like man me this is a 10 go over towel that but I was sick I sat there and told me that you know this life that was gonna bring nothing but pain nothing was gonna go right for me because I choose to be with men so they put me in them organization called excess I'm I went there maybe three times I told him I was going on back they try to make you focusing on why you want to be with the man way is lacking in your life now that makes you want to be with the manse I got to the root of the problem where my father was absent as a father he was there physically but he wasn't there for me emotionally you know he can take me fishing stuff like that you know was that was what they blamed you being gay right in to get to the to the room Safer Colon  have what was going on me okay after all this rehabilitation didn't help now you change you now so what do I say he's got on stage well what I want to say to you is youwanna marry a woman and maybe ten years down the road say okay’s I made a mistake I’m gay I've been married one and with the sex is great about after and I think that there might be some truth to that what people are saying about me people are born this way but see and I didn't get all I am I at that point I thought I had made mistake marrying and I ended up with a man because she told she told me that you you are gay get the its lead misled it’s okay yes just J just as a gay community is about understanding and acceptance and when people say I'm gay were we are supposed to accept because human beings but if somebody turns ..

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