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As I absorb the artfully animated angels of
anime as they absolve all aberrant aspects of
asociality and alterations of amorphous
alternating atrocities achieved by the brain,
the best of the bastard - the biggest bane to
be borne bestowed by the bellicose bakers of
backstabbing nature - is beaten by bastions
of baffling bizareness that build up my crave
for content conserved by connecting with
communities of different creeds and cultures
that candidly court colorful concocted casts
of characters whose caring courageousness,
comical cretinism, corrupted credibility, or
conspicuous cajolery create a captivating
climate whose contemplating comprehension
closes the crater of the conceived
destructive despair dormant in the depth of
the damaged darkness of our mind, diligently
defended by daunting demons, deceased ideas
and decaying memories deviously devised by
the dexterous database of ephemeral excerpts
excessively elusive for our exterior explicit
consciousness to elucidate without error;
ergo this expectedly esoteric and elaborately
elated enjoyment may even exceed earthly
familiar falsehoods and fabrications designed
to smother the festering facts through
feigned fascination, fallacious faith and
ferocious fornication; gentle, gallant, or
gory are the galaxies of the galvanizing game
of anime and manga, glibly and garrulously
they gag the grossness and give the gamble a
positive spin, hailing from heads of
heterogeneous humans they hammer the heinous
hands of the hating hegemonic hypocritical
humanity and hear the hearts of helpless
horrible creatures harboring the desire to
hang on to the irrational self-imposed
importance and illusory infinity of their
idealized lives, ignorantly idolizing
imbecile images of incredible imaginary
immensely powerful beings whose jarring job
is to judge all journeys and jokes and
jargon, jibing at jealousy and jacking off,
kissing kamizakes and keeping their power as
kings of the land, lords of the lake, ladies
without lust, liberating laborers and lacking
levity in their large, luminous magnificence,
mortifying memorable massive mad malignity
masked as magnanimity mentoring multitudes of
missionaries, mesmerizing many minor men, not
negotiating with the non noble; not everyone
necessarily neglects the naked nauseating
truth, but good natured now nauseous
naysayers find the needed nurture in narrow
nests, negatively viewed, as the nepotistic
numbskulls do not negotiate with them,
originally all originated from the same
orifice, now occupied in the old, obsolete
obstinate battle that will lead to the
obliteration of the oddly offensive oceans of
organic stupidity; potential perpetrators,
these people pretend to be pensive pacifists
who purportedly prefer peace to plunder but
personally partial to powerful people-killing
panicked packets of destruction, the
powerless are quickly quashed without
question as they quirkly quadruple, but never
quit, seen as quaint queer quacks that cause
queasiness to the queen and must be
questionlessly repressed, receive retribution
for reeking of rationality, realism and
reason, rarely remembering to repeat what
they read, the ragged rhymes; these raunchy
rapist rats, rampant rattlesnakes, rotting
radicals, silently sucking the sanity and
sense of life, sadly seducing the saints,
senselessly sacking the salvaged,
sacrilegiously savaging all that's special
and sincere, telling tales teeming with
truculent taboos, talking in tongues, testing
the tastes of travelers, tarnishing time with
taciturn tawdry tasteless taxing tantalizing
undescribable ugliness, using ubiquitous
venues of vendetta, vile vituperous
vindictive vandals, venomously vexing the
virtuous in vain, with what wakefulness the
world wanted them to walk with, without being
wary of their own weirdness; these young
yabbering yokels like zombies with zero zest
and zealous zigzagging.

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