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  1. I am Canonrocker or Viro Giernald E. Bacungan in real life. You can call me Canonrocker or Viro-kun. I am a High School student of Saint Joseph Institute in Candon City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. 13 yrs. old of age and interested with Friends. I obviously love Anime and Mangas but I also love Music.  I am good in Singing and Composing Songs.Playing the Cello is also one of my hobbies (Actually Im still studiying it ^^) 

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nasreen10 avatar nasreen10


Jul 12, 2009

I like your song ^_^

Bessie avatar Bessie


Jul 12, 2009

Yoy, is it? I thought it finished (I just think that I won't find it in the shops If it's not finished yet). My friend Is a fan of ZL-music, so she wants to watch anime. And me too, I think It's very interesting ^^

Ailly avatar Ailly


Jul 10, 2009


Glad to see someone who's that passionate about anime and manga ^^

You should totally sing a song for us and post it on a blog or something! I'd love to hear you sing =)

And good luck with finishing that song ^^


IchiNaru avatar IchiNaru


Jul 10, 2009

Haha thanks i guess? xD Fun to hear ! Ofc we can be friends m8. I add you to my list then ^^

Take care !

Bessie avatar Bessie


Jul 10, 2009

Hi ^^ I think we can lol ;)))

Good anime list, I wanna watch Zombie-Loan, I think It's pretty good ;)

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