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  1. I am V. You can call me Canonrocker or Viro-kun. I am a High School student five years ago.. (you do the math.). 13 yrs. old (plus five) of age and interested with Friends. I obviously love Anime and Mangas but I also love Music.  I am strugglingly  trying to Sing and Compose Songs and do Poetry .Playing the Cello is also one of my hobbies (Actually Im still studiying it ^^) (note: I did not pursue the cello, I instead learned guitars and piano.) 

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BlackStarlessSkies says...

i'm in soprano :D

Sep 5, 2009
haru says...

I would do that, if I had more free time. School eats my time and energy like monster ^_^

Sep 5, 2009
BlackStarlessSkies says...

well, sight reading is very terrible and hard -_-

auditions are even less fun T_T

but i'm also in choir cause i love singing :D

Sep 4, 2009
haru says...

I`m not a real musician. I can`t really play with something, I can`t even sing very good. I just would want to. ^_^

Sep 4, 2009
BlackStarlessSkies says...

well, i'm on book six of suzuki :D

Sep 3, 2009