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about me

I lived in japan.

I'm a game programmer, but working in "normal" programming now.

Love games. I play HoN, DotA, Starcraft 2 and WoW.

I love commenting, analizing, or talking just about any random stuff.

update: rearranging stars... too much stars too much (done)

update: aaaggggg still too much. ok ok i have low standards. (i'd like to think that i only watch good animes but statistics don't agree with me -.-)


update: added more stuff about me.

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February 3, 2010

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February 17, 2012

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Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Feb 4, 2010

lol totally. I would be happy with a week there, let alone 3 years. Was it all over or one place?

Sunagan avatar Sunagan


Feb 4, 2010

hehe, the unspeakable greatness of One Piece.... What's your favourite character? I think zoro is so awesome. just 3 words... unconditional love & devotion :D (lol)!

Omurqi avatar Omurqi


Feb 4, 2010

There are two easy ways to mark anime as watched (or watching / want to watch / stalled / dropped and won't watch).

The first way is by going to the anime entries of the anime you want to mark. For example, if you wanted to mark Fullmetal Alchemist as Watched, go to its entry page and go to the drop-down menu below the synopsis. You can mark it there, and give the show a rating.

The second way is especially handy if you've got a large list to fill out. Go to the meta list,there you'll find all the anime in the database spread over 77 pages, each with a drop-down menu. This way you can browse through all the pages, quickly marking which series you've seen and which not.

I hope that cleared it up a bit ;) As a final note, if you have a MAL-list already, you can import it here by going to your anime list there, pressing on the "Export" button in the black bar on top. Then you can insert the .xml file on Anime-Planet by going to your anime list, and pressing the "+Import List" link.

Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Feb 3, 2010

I envy you ;)

Omurqi avatar Omurqi


Feb 3, 2010

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask ^_^

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