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I lived in japan.

I'm a game programmer, but working in "normal" programming now.

Love games. I play HoN, DotA, Starcraft 2 and WoW.

I love commenting, analizing, or talking just about any random stuff.

update: rearranging stars... too much stars too much (done)

update: aaaggggg still too much. ok ok i have low standards. (i'd like to think that i only watch good animes but statistics don't agree with me -.-)


update: added more stuff about me.

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Kari5 Feb 4, 2010

Sorry, I don't give out my msn ^-^;; don't be offended.

SabakunoYana Feb 4, 2010

Hello! Do you speak spanish? Since you're in/from Paraguay... How are you?

Kari5 Feb 4, 2010

I did Meilin from Cardcaptor Sakura when I was really young (for Halloween), but I didn't know what cosplay was then xD I supose my next one was in high school, and it was Sakura from Naruto for my first convention.

Sunagan Feb 4, 2010

*sparkly eyes* SUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. ('listen to people when they talk to you!!!')

'Ah robin, why not?' 'because it's embarrassing as a human being' (haha)

'a man has to know when to quit... you're one of us... condoriaaaano'

'did you get lost or something?' 'I dont wanna hear that freaking word from you!!!'

Kari5 Feb 4, 2010

That picture was taken last year. I've been cosplaying for about 4 years now.