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YO!! ima local azn boi from hawaii, b4 i started watching anime i though wow thouse guys are such losers!.. all i did was surf and workout most of my days... untill i watched my first anime ichigo 100% i thought it was great!!! i mean when i was younger i watched Dbz and stuff but ichigo 100% was the first one i watched online...this is the anime that hooked me on to watch much more. then i really understood the meaning dont knock it untill u try it. i do apologize for the way i thought b4 and now i wish to join all the otaku's out there!!! i am a guy so i do like thouse animes with some action and other stuff (ecchi) haha if u look at my top 5 its mostly comedy with some action and love problems if u know of some plz tell me. hope u guys and gurls read this so we can b friends and help eachother with recomendations and what not. :)

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jojoshi Jan 2, 2011

hey..i got some great anime in my recomendation  list so feel free to check them out.just off the top of my head i would recomend yuyu hakusho,its the dbz before dragon ball i love it and allways watch it,u can watch it at hope u like it