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35 now, Stone Mountain GA, got into anime in high school, ended up getting a job at a small specialty anime rental store that some customers would drive almost a hundred miles to get their fix...

I saw entirely too much anime in that time frame, but sadly anime has become so sterotypical and predictable from rehashed character types and plots that I'm rarely suprised by plot twists, and it has become much harder to find anime I enjoy sitting through, though I'm a lot less picky than some of my friends.

Can you believe it took me three years to get around to watching Steins;Gate ?

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Hikaru Sep 9, 2010

the post i was talking about is posted on sothis page.  Also the anime that is selected as watched is also downloaded and stored on my computer.

byteme Sep 8, 2010

nice. Mine's standalone so it doesn't pull much power and spins down when not in use and I have it in another room so I don't ahve the heat n noise in a normal room, and since it's got gigabit ethernet, 4x usb 2.0, and 2x eSATA, it's pretty flexible, can even do printer sharing. it was only $150 too. 4x 1.5 TB hdds later, I got 4 TB of usable space. gotta love it! after myu last 1.5 tb drive died as I was taking it to have it backed up and it was LOADED FUILL of anime!  GRR! I can't come up with $1200 to have it all recovered.

Hikaru Sep 8, 2010

hello, just saw your post on raid5, that is abit over board unless you have the collection i have.  By the way my back up is not only raid but WAN throu another server i created.

sothis Jun 7, 2010

happy birthday mr :)