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As you've probably allready gathered from my personal data, I'm 21, live in the Netherlands, and .. well, like all of us here, watch anime. I'm an absolute fan of series like Cowboy Bebop, and still raving mad about Full Metal Alchemist. Furthermore I don't like most Ecchi / Drama / Romance series, they just develop too slowly, and have nothing that's "relevant to my interests" (except for the boobs, ofcourse).

I'll have to update my *watched* list because I've watched a LOT of anime and couldn't really be bothered to add all of these, but since I've been using this site more and more, I'll probably update this kind of soon.

In conclusion, if there are some people with tips for anime's I'd surely enjoy, or should not EVER watch, they're welcome. Rants about ratings I give are definetly welcome, I always like a good laugh.



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Minai99 Oct 30, 2011

Happy halloweenn. :)

Minai99 Jul 5, 2011

Hi Bwj90, what's new?

Minai99 Jun 30, 2011

Bwj90, so will you have more time now?

Minai99 Jun 12, 2011

Hey, best of luck with studying for your exams. Hopefully you'll be able to talk again soon.

Minai99 Jun 8, 2011

Hey, what's up?