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ChibiYaoiOtaku says...

Yeah, i cant wait for the next 3 films. "the beast with a billion backs" looks absolutely brilliant! BTW, did u watch the episode of "everybody loves hypnotoad" that was with the 1 st film?

Apr 29, 2008
ChibiYaoiOtaku says...

I cant wait for the next 3 films but dont the films come out in the UK around 6 months afer the USA because on the DVD, it mentions that in came out over there at the end of november last year and the UK only got it around 3 weeks ago. But i think it was defently worth the wait. Also, i just love anything with Zoidberg or Farnsworth. 

Apr 25, 2008
ChibiYaoiOtaku says...

Is FMP any good because ive been thinking of buying the boxset for some time now. ^___^

At the moment, im mostly watching all the new animes like Soul Eater and Kamen no maid guy.

BTW, in ur profile, u mention that u like futurama. Have u seen any of the new futurama films yet? Ive only seen Bender's big score. 

Apr 24, 2008
ChibiYaoiOtaku says...

N'cha! havent spoken to you for a while. ^____^

so what new animes are u watching this season? 

Apr 23, 2008
al2551 says...

Hey, how's it going? My weekend was insane and I will never do it again. Okay, so I've been sick and in my delirium, I decide that it would be a good idea to stay up all night Friday for an event that i committed to 2 months ago. Wrong move!!! I relapsed and got sicker and then started Robo-dosing and got totally screwed up in the head. I mean to the point of hallucinating! Not smart of me. Took all of Sunday and today to feel human again. At least the worst is over and i get to go back to work tomorrow. Happy, happy, Joy, joy :(

Sorry about the computer but it sounds like the new unit is a sweet deal and should make you very happy.

You'll like FMP! Fumoffu was good too!

Another race this weekend. I can actually watch live on TV! Yipee! Well, gotta go. Enjoy! Ciao.

Apr 21, 2008