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My name is Blaize, I'm a British Anime addict and DVD/BD collector.

I became obsessed with Anime just over 8 years ago and found Anime Planet very early on. In fact when I first joined Anime Planet I had seen only 7 series. Hopefully before 2016 is over I will have hit this years goal of 1000 entries watched.

My tastes have developed over the years as I've sampled pretty much everything Anime has to offer in some way or another from most decades. Favourite Genres tend to be Mature themed Action/Horror/Supernatural series as well Mecha and Josei series.

I don't tend to keep up with each season, instead I usually marathon a show after it's aired or I wait for a home video release so I can often be out of the loop about the latest shows.

If you recognize me from Youtube then feel free to follow me and say hello : )


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Otaku108 says...

It would be hard for me to recommend the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi manga to you since you weren't that impressed with the anime, but I will say that the manga does actually get better as things progress. There becomes a real background story and reason for the fights instead of just fighting for the sake of fighting.

I'd say give is a try, if I remember correctly the anime finishes at around chapter 140 something and it's still ongoing currently on 449, so really if you're 50 chapters in and don't really see much to your liking still... *shrugs* might not find anything else to sway you.

Thanks for your review comment and your opinion on the show, much appreciated. Hope this helps ya a little!

Oct 16, 2011
LinkSword says...

Hi there man! It's so nice to see Kaiji in someone else's list. As you said that anime is an amazing masterpiece that's very different to anything else. I love Fukumoto Nobuyuki's (the original author) dark ambiances and that wonderful, deppressing vibe of despair, self-destruction and non-achievement, all while crossing the limits between life and death and learning lessons the hardest way. Corruption and betrayal are everyday ocurrences and hope is a mere illusion for sore losers. Plus there's the the thrills and the twisted, sadistic implications of everything that happens. I was holding my breath throughout the whole thing and the ending is one of the best I've ever seen, with a flawless thematical conclusion and a 10-ton heavy moral. It's just perfect!

I'm so excited about the next season starting in less than two weeks that I think about this show everyday. I watched it last summer and ever since I've hardly found an anime that was remotely as enjoyable as Kaiji.

Mar 27, 2011
demonman905 says...

Ok, since you read my review, here is a tip.  Definitely watch the Funimation English dub for laughs.

Here is a link to the official Funimation Sgt Frog Page

and here is a link to episode one english

if you don't think it is funny at first, just wait, i most certainly gets better!

Jun 15, 2010
Kaorichaos says...

Sorry for the late response, Thanks for your comment on my review of 009-1 you'll have to let me know what you think of the anime if you see it.

Apr 8, 2010
Kraecha says...

Hello :) You asked where you can find "Kigeki (Comedy)" with subtitles. Well, there are two versions that i found online. The first one is on, the second can be found on youtube (but this one has terrible quality). 

I'm glad you liked my review and i hope you'll also like Kigeki,


Jan 14, 2010