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I have moved over to MAL since the AP update, I will still keep AP upto date but not as regulary as before. 

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Kraecha says...

Hello :) You asked where you can find "Kigeki (Comedy)" with subtitles. Well, there are two versions that i found online. The first one is on, the second can be found on youtube (but this one has terrible quality). 

I'm glad you liked my review and i hope you'll also like Kigeki,


Jan 14, 2010
Gar16 says...

Ha thanks!

Jun 7, 2009
themasteroffools says...

Hey, thanks for the send.

It does seem that FMA took my anime virginity. All the others were just Foreplay lol

I see that your are a brit. Well I am half british as my father was born in Liverpool and grew up in Chester. Get to have Dual citizenship and everything lol


Jun 1, 2009
ChibiYaoiOtaku says...

*adds 4th futurama film to list of things i should have bought ages ago but for some reason havent* ok, ill defently buy it this weekend after my exams! should i buy the DVD or blu ray version?


Also, u didnt watch anime for a year? wow...i remember when that happened to me...then i saw some really great/funny ones and my passion was restored. Also, i noticed that uve watched eureka seven now, was that the anime that restored ur passion? *cries* the end of season 2...renton is still a could he choose between the family he never had or the girl he loves...

also,  would u ever consider cosplaying? even though u prolly wouldnt, give it a try sometime, and if u cant make one, ebay is a magicial shop that sells nearly all kinds of outfits (this message is brought to you by ebay XD)

Jun 1, 2009