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Sekirei Pure Engagement + OVA
Okay so this show is dumb, like really dumb. I don't really like harem shows very much. But for me they hold a purpose. The fact they are so mindless and dumb is why i watch them because after a show like Ga-Rei-Zero i needed dumb.

I didn't like the first season of Sekirei very much. It seemed even more shallow than most Harem's but the second season was more enjoyable. If only for the fact that it contained way more Tsukiumi. Without her i'm not sure I would have liked this show even half as much as i did. Admittedly though its the English dub that does it. Her use of Olde English is why this show is funny to me. She literally makes me laugh out loud. Without her 90% of the enjoyment would be loss amongst the overload of Fan Service.

And while the illogical flocking of yet more Sekirei's to hapless Minato's Harem continues and is ,as in all Harem shows, baffling. The additions are both good characters for the most part. Both equally bringing more laughs and drama to the series. So i will let it pass.

But i need to address something here and that is that its not the endless Fan Service and Average plot that makes this show close to failure. It's actually our protaginist Minato himself. He is such an empty shell of a character. There is literally nothing interesting about him at all. Any personality he does have is just cliche ridden statements about justice and the like. He is in fact the worst character in the entire show. Because there is nothing to him. He's like a faceless pillar for the series to hang its trappings on, completely devoid of character and purpose. He could actually not be there at all and little to the plot would have to change frankly. Thats how worthless he is. I can only presume we the viewer or at least the male viewer are meant to project ourselves onto him. But i digress.

The second season does finally get further into the meat of its plot this time around or, well it kinda does. I couldn't help feeling that this show is while beginning to face the main point of its plot its still none the closer to bringing in the real tension I presume it'll inevitably get to at somepoint. That being the inner Harem Battles.

Although after this season i'm fearing it might skip that altogether for a big harem love in and a happily ever after. I haven't read the manga so i'm not sure. I just hope it doesn't go down that route.

Sekirei also fails on occasion at trying to be more than the sum of its parts and act serious. This is always dragged down by the fact that no matter how serious the moment is, its always being portrayed by Minato and his Boob Crew. Losing all plausiblity for me to take it seriously in an instant. This causes problems as it means Sekirei has little drama. In fact its normally before a Sekirei joins the cliche riddled Minato and his Harem where the droplets of drama the series does have can be found. Although they aren't exactly much to savor but they are there regardless.

So yeah In the end Its dumb and shallow but as the credits rolled i couldnt help feeling i had had Fun. Which is what i wanted from the show and it delivered it.

So If Fan Service is your thing then you should watch this. Theres more Boobs than you can shake a stick at so to speak. If you are like me and need to switch your brain and emotions off then I'd recommend Sekirei's second season for this too. It is what it is, except it and you might find some value and fun to be had, maybe...

5/10 'Mediocre'

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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