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Hate to do what you have to do,

But when you do what is done you excel more than what you love to do,

So hate to do more than love to do,

To stop what you hate to do.

Don't do what is done,

For what is done there can be nothing learned,

Be all what is there,

But learn what is not there.

Say what you mean,do what you want,

and if you screw up, fess up.

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wolfangel87 Dec 9, 2007

Nice bio!!!!

Which animes are your favorites? 

sothis Sep 27, 2007

Oh wow, nice to see you back!! Where's that cute floppy dog avatar? :)

When you have a chance, fill out your profile sometime... these are brand new as of May, and we have tooons of other features now too like the anime list. You can add stuff to your list by going to the alpha list of the anirec and selecting a status/episodes/rating for each title; you can update your profile by clicking "my profile" and then "edit profile" on the left, and "my signature" is brand new as of a few days ago. ^_^

Glad to have you back!! And great NHK rec -- the series is so ridiculous, haha