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InuYasha takes place in two separate time periods but both are in the same town in Japan. Kagome is a high school student, whos family runs an ancient shrine. While chasing her cat she falls into the well on the property and finds herself transported back in time. Once in anicent Japan she finds a sleeping white haired boy with dog ears pinned to a giant tree. Unable to resist the urge to get a closer look at the boy she ends up waking up the boy and freeing him from a spell that kept him pinned for 50 years. After freeing him they battle a great monster and in the process lose the sacred jewel that was inside of Kagome. InuYasha and Kagome must work together to hunt down the pieces of the jewel. Although the series is 167 episodes the story does not really progress between the characters. InuYasha, Kagome, and their friends are always hunting down the jewel pieces and defeating monsters. The storyline does not really change through the entire series. That being said, it is still funny, interesting, and entertaining to watch because of the filler episodes (the ones between battle).


Since InuYasha is an older series the animation style is older, and not as detailed or smooth as newer series, however the backgrounds and characters are still skillful animated and give the audience a feeling for the feudal era of Japan.


Opening and Closing songs are great and the show features some great voice work. However, some of the sound effect for the battle scenes and some of the other folly work my seem dated to some.


Kagome is an excellent character. Although she does not really change over the course of the 167 episodes, she is still an enjoyable character because of her moxy and fighting spirit. While her spirit is strong she still manages to keep almost girly charm, which is hard to find with strong female characters. InuYasha is also an excellent character. Over the course of the series he does soften and become a little more kind, although the change is ever so slight. InuYasha's character can get annoying with the over use of the same 6 moves with the sword, but the one liners he delivers are very funny. Shippo is the best character on the series. Although his character overall is the most useless, it is this character that makes the show fun to watch. Shippo's childlike charm help make the action packed series more enjoyable. Maruko is the monk who is perverted and a womanizer. His character does not really change in the first season, but the echiiness it adds to the show helps make the series a little less serious. Sango the demon slayer who travels with the group is an interesting character. Her character does change slightly through the entire series however it is ever so slight. The scenes with her brother are almost painful to watch because of her unchanged actions each and every time. Although she does have one of the better modes of transportation for a series, a flying flaming cat.


Overall the series is repetitive, and can be a little irritating with the same two story lines for what seems like forever. However if one is able to look past the repetitive nature of the storyline they discover a very funny, interesting, and entertaining series that can be watched over and over again.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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