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Ghost Hunt

Sep 20, 2010


Mai Taniyama is a freshman or first year student in high school. She is carefree and loves a great ghost story. Mai and her friends are gathered in an empty classroom telling ghostly tales when they meet Kazuya Shibuya, a boy who seems to be about the same age, but not a student at their school. Interested in why Shibuya is at her school Mia asks and finds out that he is the head of his own Psychic Research Center and is there to investigate the old school which is said to be haunted. Having heard the same rumors about the old school Mia finds herself at the building checking it out. Trouble occurs for Mia when she discovers a video camera and accidentally knocks over a bookcase on it. Lucky for her she is saved from injury by Shibuya's assistant Lin, but with Lin hurt and unable to work, Shibuya suggests that Mia take his place. Over the course of the series Mia assists with many cases and in some instances solves the mystery with the help of a Buddhist Priest, a Shrine Maiden, a Catholic Priest, and Medium.

Similar to many mystery series the group that helps Mia and Shibuya is made up of many characters who each add their own uniqueness to the story. Since the series is made up of several smaller stories the audience is given enough plot to avoid plot holes. However that being said it does take 3 to 4 episodes per mini storyline which means you only get about 7 ghost stories, which is slightly disappointing.


The characters in this series were amazing. The main characters Mia and Shibuya play off each other very well. Mia is innocent and naive while Shibuya is cynical and logical. The Buddhist Priest and the Shrine Maiden also have a similar relationship where they play off of one another which lightens up a very heavy series. Although the characters do not change that much through the 25 episodes, the audience is still left with the feeling that they could change, and that over time they did change.


Animation in this series is almost flawless. The characters, background, and ghouls were skillfully animated. The horror scenes were not too graphic but detailed enough to give the audience a feel for the situation that the characters were in. The animation in the series focuses mainly on the characters and less on the backgrounds which for me was fine because the story itself is about Mia.


The sound from the sites I watched the series on was excellent. The music in the opening and closing credits set the mood for the entire series. The special effect sounds were also great and really helped create the creepy/erie factor.


Overall this series is a great horror/mystery/suspense/drama to watch. Not too scary or violent with a great take on ghosts and ghouls. For some the series may move too slow and not have enough romance between the main characters, but in my view this series is a must watch for anyone who enjoys the horror genre.The series is interesting, full of suspense, and mystery with a little horror thrown in. The only complaint I have about the series is that is too short. When it ends at episode 25, I found myself wanting more story, and because of the series being  broken into several story lines the episodes fly by.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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