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the end of something very great

23 SEP

I am preparing today for the end of something I really liked and enjoyed. Tonight in Japan and this weekend in America my favorite anime series Maid Sama comes to an end.  Every week for the last 26 weeks I have looked forward to Thursday and the weekend to follow so I could watch my favorite two characters grow closer each episode. As the series ends I am asking my self a few questions. 

 Now that I am not going to be watching this amazingly awesome series what will I do with my time? I guess I could always start reading or pick up one of the countless unfinished projects laying around my house, but surely I would be some what depressed if I did that. After all I will no longer have something to look forward to every week and there is no way that making pillows or putting photos in an album could fix that.  You don't hear many people say I can't wait to go home to make some more throw pillows or put those pictures in an album.  - Sigh-

Why does my favorite show have to end? Can't the creators add another season? There is definately more story to tell because the Manga has 52 chapters not 26.  Can't they create a college version or life after school like they did for Clannad? 

 I guess it really is like the saying goes. "All great things must come to an end." I always thought that was a horrible saying but I guess it is true in this case. Something great is ending and leaving me searching for the next great thing. Although I am sure it will not be able to be as amazing as Maid Sama.

RIP Maid Sama you were great and really made me laugh and cheer. I will miss your budding romance and crazy supplemental characters. Above all else I will miss what could have been if you had continued the story between Usui and Misa. 

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Tragisk avatar Tragisk
Feb 8, 2011

ahhh damn i allready watched it. then i am gonna rewatch it.!

Tragisk avatar Tragisk
Feb 8, 2011

so i gonna go and watch this series now

Kico7 avatar Kico7
Jan 31, 2011

I understand how you feel, i always rewatch the series that i like when i am feeling that i am not going to see anything like that again (I have already rewatched clannad after story 13 times)

bunnylovesanime avatar bunnylovesanime
Dec 18, 2010


I wouldn't say I am picky but I do tend to only really love about 30% of the series I watch. Maid Sama was just so great. I loved the relationship between the characters and the main character was one in which I could see my self in.  But I also find it frustrating that many series are only 13 or 26 episodes long. To me that is not enough. Most mangas go on for ever and ever. I guess I am always hoping that ones I have enjoyed the most will last forever.


HiroRyusaki avatar HiroRyusaki
Dec 17, 2010

I felt like this with 30% of the anime I've watched, I'm so picky a large amount of series I watch i find amazing, lol. You just gotta find more just like it (Which can be hard) so go for similar.

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