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about me

What can I really say? I am addicted to Anime and Manga. Over the last few years I have watched over 350 different series and movies.  Even though Korean Drama is my current obession, I am also into lots of other stuff. A little bit about me...

I am 34, female, and married. I work as a teacher in very poor/inner city school where I teach 2nd grade for the 2013-2014 year. I am married to my best friend/biggest fan/maid, and we have two pets a border collie blend and a Pixie Bob blend cat. We currently do not have any children, but are in the process of adopting/fostering a 11 year old blonde haired girl that looks like Rin from Usagi Drop. Which has really been a big change to our pretty average lives, but so very enjoyable.

It is hard to describe me. I am a bit of smart mouth, but very friendly and outgoing. At the same time I do not always play well with others and have a habit of saying what ever I am thinking which leads some people to think I am bit harsh and cold. I love to talk about anything and do rattle on for hours about most subjects. I am proud of what I have accomplished and have no regrets which can make me sound a bit egotistical.

Anime I like

I am just now going to back to anime after a short break. I watch shoujo, josei, and really anything that has a good ending.  I prefer stories that have a little bit of comedy to break up the drama, and I love the stories where the guy and girl get together in the end.  That being said I will also watch adventure series, supernatural series, steam punk series, and historical stories ( I love a good Samurai Drama!), and I try to avoid the series that are Mecha heavy or Magic/Fantasy heavy. Although there are exceptions to every rule.


I am a huge manga fan. In fact in the last 9 months I have read over 190 series. I love a good shoujo manga, but I also read just about anything with a great story. This includes webcomics, manwha, and some American stuff.

Now for some Q and A!

What are you currently reading?

As of today I have 78 series that I am following. Some these titles include  Skip Beat, Love so Life, Kimi ni Todoke, and Blackbird. I am also hugely into vampire books at the moment - I am reading the "Undead Series" at the moment.

3. Do you have any non anime hobbies?

I love drawing, cooking, learning new crafts like Chinese Watercolor painiting, shopping, dining out at new places, and just relaxing with the family.

4. Are you planning to introduce the kid to anime/manga?

Yeap! In fact she has just watched Rosario Vampire twice now and My Bride is a Mermaid twice. She loves action stories and stories with lots of comedy.

5. What is one manga or anime series you recommend?

I would recommend Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood for the anime. Both feature great stories and characters. Serious but funny.

Manga I am going to say Horimya. I love the characters in that story. They have a really great relationship and the story doesn't feel forced.

6. What is your favorite genre?

I love tsundere. I think it is because I can relate to those type of characters more easily than the sweet ones. I love the strong female character who is mouthy and not afraid to be herself. :) (This is how I see me)


Thanks for Reading!!!! Please feel free to comment below!

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Devilyudi avatar Devilyudi


Dec 8, 2012

oh-ho, and is this funny?

Devilyudi avatar Devilyudi


Dec 7, 2012


if i can ask, what happened in the last year? bad things? =s

Devilyudi avatar Devilyudi


Dec 5, 2012


How long time, huh? So... Have you done the cosplay?

Devil May Cry

jashan92 avatar jashan92


Nov 22, 2012

loool kids really do take up time, i should know i stll act like one :p I haven't spoke to anyone in over a year so thought i should, hopefully we do get more time to talk. School and work really take up most of my days.

They're part time but i have 2 jobs right now, plus school, and during vacations i'm looking for a thrid. Lifes hectic but i prefer it busy then sitting around and feeling useless. Whenever you want to talk just send me a msg and we'll figure out time :)

Kico7 avatar Kico7


Nov 21, 2012

Big sis, wanted to say another "hi", take care, hope we don't lose contact!

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