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What do you want me to say? There isn't much about me. I live in the awesome country of Canada, recently graduated with a Computer Science degree, and am now working and enjoying not studying for midterms as many of my friends are. I've been watching anime since about October 2005, so I've seen a lot since then, but not a whole lot. I used to be a bibliophile before I got into anime... but now those books are sitting in my room collecting dust. How sad!!!

If you notice, my Top 5 Anime List is in alphabetical order. To tell you the truth, these are not my top 5, well, they may be but I really have no idea which ones are my favourite. I've seen A LOT of excellent anime that have made me sad, happy, laugh, cry, or even mad at the appropriate moments to say that these 5 are my absolute. These 5 are simply representative of some anime that I thought were in the "excellent" category. They vary across different genres, simply describing that I like a lot of different things. But generally now, I don't watch anime that makes me sad/depressed/mad at their endings (ie. Grave of the Fireflies). That is all.

Update: I will no longer watch HAREM type animes. You know the kind, the kinds with some guy, with a minimum of 5 girls, the 5 girls being complete idiots over this one guy and makes me want to strangle them. In addition, besides the fact that these girls all love this guy for some reason that constantly eludes me, the anime, besides the fact that they all chase this guy for some reason, there doesn't appear to be a plot. Yeah, those kinds of anime will now be avoided. The end.

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wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Jul 14, 2009

I haven't heard from you in a while!  How have you been?

namine14 avatar namine14

Nice Avatar!

Dec 20, 2008

Love ur av.

It's cute.

p.s. Inuyasha is an amazing anime. :)



default avatar lazybumm

Thanks! ^_^

Jul 5, 2008

i love my username too and the most important part is I am LAZYBUMM lolx

nice to meet u

sry for reply this late..:P

default avatar Drblood


May 11, 2008

sorry for late response but yeah suzuka is bomb show so is beck both anime and manga i highly recommend to all

YunaSama avatar YunaSama

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 18, 2008

Thanks for your nice welcome message~! ^__^

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