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Hmmm~ Well, I'm a kpop x manga x anime lover!!!! :)

Oh oh!!! And I love sweets!! Yeah yeah!!

Now it's picture time!! MUAHAHA!!! Stare at da awesomeness!!



Making you hungry yet~?

♥ My favorite kpop group is B2ST!!! ♥ 

My favorite manga are:   

-Nurarihyon no Mago 
- 07-Ghost
- D-Gray Man 
-Heart no Kuni no Alice
-Skip Beat!
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-Barajou no Kiss

My favorite anime are:

- Pandora Hearts
- Magi 
-Fantastic Children
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Natsume Yuujinchou
-Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

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337 total

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ianimefeebz Sep 18, 2012

yeah lmao ikr you won't be able to follow a particular member o_o..there won't be videos on youtube like "taeyeon fancam" for example LOL

yeah but it's kind've sad if some of your favourite members enlist for army ._.

OMGG IKR so damn adorable! XD yeah probably haha ~

well looks like i took some time to reply :X sorry haha ~~

ianimefeebz Sep 15, 2012

haha thank you kimmy :)

YESSS 64 MEMBERS!!!!!!!! but they perform in separate groups of course, how the heck are you supposed to fit 64 members on one stage HAHA?! xD

lol i used to think super junior was a massive group (when they still had 13 members ;C) but compared to akb48 there like nothing LOL!

omg mann have you ever wanted a flip phone? like those really cute korean/japanese flip phones? XDD ahh there adorable lol, i could like spend an hour in a shop picking out a keyring for my phone :3

http://thegloss.com/odds-and-ends/chocolate-flip-phones-from-ntt-docomo/ (omfgggg o_O if i bought that to school, i think every single person would come asking where i got it XD) 


yesss i know i write sooo much .__., sorry lol i have too much to say! 8Dyou don't have to reply to these messages quickly btw :) 

ianimefeebz Sep 14, 2012

yeah LOOL! they have fricking 64 members 8D! ! ! ~

=_= i know right, i hate those characters ugh they appear a lot in animes/mangas too lol, like there so dumb and weak but the strong ones help them =x=.. aye ......and yes i am thinking of HER ---> http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/maglorius/41904002/11416/11416_640.jpg whilst typing this 8D (i have no idea lol i forgot his name ._. i just remember JB LOL!) 

yeah haha i'd love to see kimmy explode on wasabi HAHAHAHAH!!!! maybe cupcake and i could secretly add wasabi into the dumplings (like seohyun did) and watch you eat it... HAHAHAHA (rp of course, hmm good idea)

oh yes i did write quite a bit haha ~

ianimefeebz Sep 12, 2012

yeah i know, they have to fit like 20 members on the stage LOL! which is only like 1/3 of the actual group 8D! 

mhm! dream high was awesome, loved it <3 dream high 2 was a bit cheesy and just kind've got me annoyed with kang sora LOL.. since i HATE those characters the most.. like the dumb girl who can't dance or sing well, but gets the guys .__. ugh! really pathetic lol and she's not pretty either -_-

i like suzy way better (first of all, she's pretty :3), she's like the stubborn, over confident type which i'm not the most fond of but at least 10x better than the dumb innocent wanna be type >_<      Jiyeon and JB all the way LOL ~

wow that was heaps just on my opinions on dream high o_O, hope you didn't get bored c:

oh yeah a bit of wasabi on sushi is good ^_^

ianimefeebz Sep 7, 2012

LOL pretty late on that XDDD hahahha! <3 ~