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Hmmm~ Well, I'm a kpop x manga x anime lover!!!! :)

Oh oh!!! And I love sweets!! Yeah yeah!!

Now it's picture time!! MUAHAHA!!! Stare at da awesomeness!!



Making you hungry yet~?

♥ My favorite kpop group is B2ST!!! ♥ 

My favorite manga are:   

-Nurarihyon no Mago 
- 07-Ghost
- D-Gray Man 
-Heart no Kuni no Alice
-Skip Beat!
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-Barajou no Kiss

My favorite anime are:

- Pandora Hearts
- Magi 
-Fantastic Children
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Natsume Yuujinchou
-Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

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335 total

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ianimefeebz says...

ahhh very popular comedian on youtube c: he has loooads of subscribers..

oh yes we do, but not under the christmas tree xDD not sure if my parents are even going to give my sister and i presents hahaha ... asian parents ;_; -sigh- 

dawww over now haha, funny because my internet stopped like 2 minutes before 10:11pm (official time) on 21st dec ;ooo! keke

nahhh only a minute of it, but i learnt ''lately you'' by brave girls c; 

nawww stupid cupcakeee ;< i wanna say merry christmas to him! ;_;

Dec 23, 2012
ianimefeebz says...

yepp no thanksgiving ~ nooo turkey furr meee ;_;! have you seen nigahiga's video about thanksgiving? o u o pretty funny ~

haha i don't really have a favourite holiday since our family doesn't celebrate much traditions.. maybe christmas as well =D

yeahh Elvis, that's their debut song ^^ i love that ~ but i like their new song even much "get out" ~ i tried learning the dance for about 1 minute of the song :3

;____; if he ever comes back to oz, i'm going to wack his ass =_= ... he's gone into a very deep cave and got his butt stuck in a hole... simple conclusion. and he's living off cupcakes o 3 o ~ haha

ikr so pretty <3 now otakuzone is so screwed ;-;... .. let's hope it doesn't actually close in january :< i want my oz anniversary! ~~~

Nov 29, 2012
ianimefeebz says...

oh niceeeee thanksgiving ^0^, too bad we don't celebrate that here haha :p everyones already preparing for christmas ;o decorating their trees and stuff ~

LOL gd? is he even promoting right now? T^T i don't really have a band that i want to win right now loool but i've been interested in AOA lately :D ~ heard them before?

gyaaa i really miss cupcake D: ! 


did you know this is what otakuzone used to look like? o u o do you prefer this or the current one? XD i quite like the oz girl on top peeking over ^_^  it'll be so cool if it was changed <3

Nov 17, 2012
ianimefeebz says...

LOL haha we're all so busy kekeke XDDDD (though i have freedom now ;A;!)

YAYYY you like it? no problems c: she's already won twice already (from what i know) XDD she's amazing <3 rookie already winning so much keke ^_^ stupid psy is still wininng arggghhh >_<!!!!!!!

haha thanks, took a while to make ^0^ (i put it on batato as well) 

WOOTS for my one year anniversary <3 (been awhile though lol)

Nov 16, 2012
ianimefeebz says...

haha thanks... argg 15 days late LOL >_< so unactive now (animeplanet that is :3, i'm still on otakuzone pretty often i guess o u o)

keke i see kimmy hasn't been on anime planet for a while as well :P

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AI7UP1iRAU <--- you like these kind of songs? 8D

she's a rookie singer btw (was on kpop star before) i don't really gravitate towards those types of songs, but i'm so in love with it o u o ~ have a listen ~ 

Nov 4, 2012