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Well where do i start umm.. i got it! My user name is bsmithleo ,and... Well im not telling any thing else-- LOL. However i will tell you i am looking for anime. duh but the thing is i am VERY picking about my anime not as much as i was but im starting to run out of stuff to pick. the anime has to match all of the following rules .

1. needs to be more than 8 eps.

2. needs to have some conflict.

bleach (ichigo vs hollow, A guys? andcards?), death note (X-kira, Light vs "L", cops , "M", "N", F.B.I.) claymore (claymores vs awaken ones, yoma)

3. needs to have a good plot. the plot can NOT be made up as they go. So it can Not be like the TV show Lost.


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SlaserX Sep 17, 2007

Woah! You're 0 years old?

Fricken awesome! I didnt know babies liked anime! I'll have to remember that next time I'm stuck babysitting. I'll throw in some Vampire Hunter D, or some Berserk... make a good night of it!

VivisQueen Sep 17, 2007

Hello there, found you randomly on the users page, thought I'd drop by (because I'm nosey like that). What? No bio? That's like one of the most important parts! Well, at least you've got your Top 5, and glad to see Claymore and Death Note in there! I'm currently catching up with Claymore after yonks of no access to the internet - SO GOOD! Anyway, hope you're enjoying your stay here, and since I haven't seen you in the forums, may I encourage you to join the insanity there? ^_^

sothis Sep 14, 2007

Thanks for the first recommendation! ^_^ Since you've seen a lot of stuff, it'll be great to get your input on what you think people would like. PS: I still need to add the feature request you mentioned in the forum, I haven't forgotten! ^_^

sothis Aug 21, 2007

Hi there!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we've added a few new status options for the anime list: "stalled", and "won't watch". Based on feedback from you guys we've added "won't watch" as an alternative to marking hundreds of series as "dropped" because you are not interested in seeing them. When you have a chance, I'd really appreciate it if you could update your list (just click "my anime" on the left and filter by "dropped") and change "dropped" titles to "won't watch", if that's how you've been using the feature.

The reason we ask this is because since "dropped" has a negative connotation to it (generally means someone didn't like it), this affects the "user stats" information that shows up for the title. People might read the stats, see that a bunch of people dropped (aka didn't like) it, and won't watch it... whe