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Well where do i start umm.. i got it! My user name is bsmithleo ,and... Well im not telling any thing else-- LOL. However i will tell you i am looking for anime. duh but the thing is i am VERY picking about my anime not as much as i was but im starting to run out of stuff to pick. the anime has to match all of the following rules .

1. needs to be more than 8 eps.

2. needs to have some conflict.

bleach (ichigo vs hollow, A guys? andcards?), death note (X-kira, Light vs "L", cops , "M", "N", F.B.I.) claymore (claymores vs awaken ones, yoma)

3. needs to have a good plot. the plot can NOT be made up as they go. So it can Not be like the TV show Lost.


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sothis Sep 19, 2007

Sounds good to me :) if you decide you don't have the time and want me to run the script, just let me know. Thanks! ^_^

SlaserX Sep 18, 2007

It looks like we're all up to 1430 animes. You can click on the left side, under the heading "Recent Anime" and it'll show you the anime's number.

If you know an anime that's not in the list, please please please add it. There's tons out there that aren't in the database yet because no one has done it.

sothis Sep 18, 2007

Three more things: I'm going to run a script to change your "dropped" titles to "won't watch", unless you explicitly tell me not to. "Dropped" means you started watching it and then stopped. "Won't Watch" means you have no desire to watch it. Marking everything as "dropped" skews the database. :) Also, what do you mean by "it won't let you into your profile" if you mark everything? And finally, please don't type your recommendations in all caps lock... I just had to rewrite it when it went through the editing process and I'd prefer to not have to do that each time. ^_^ thanks!

sothis Sep 18, 2007

Hi bsmith,

As far as which titles you are finding missing, you can click "contact us" over on the left side of the screen (in the "miscellaneous" section of the navigation), select "anirec questions/requests", and let me know there. Keep in mind though, all anime titles in the AniRec were hand-submitted by a human (a synopsis was written from scratch, screenshots were taken -- none taken from elsewhere on the web). So try to not list EVERY title we don't have, since there are a lot missing. Instead list ones you'd really like to see up, and I can try and see if the site members have seen them and can help submit the information.


VivisQueen Sep 18, 2007

If you use the AniRec, you'll find anime that is like it. But I'd agree with the top recommendation there, that Code Geass is the one to watch next (I recced that myself). Basically, it's got bright animation like Gundam Seed and it's a mecha anime that starts off looking like GS, but DO NOT be fooled in any way. A tenth of the way in, and you get crazy strategic, messed-up political plotting a la Death Note. This anime is twisty as hell and every episodes ends in some kind of evil cliffhanger. As for Claymore, I watched 9 episodes straight and caugth up to episode 18. My brain hurts this morning. Too much flash-sword, me thinks. Lol. And yes, drop by in the forums, man.