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Well where do i start umm.. i got it! My user name is bsmithleo ,and... Well im not telling any thing else-- LOL. However i will tell you i am looking for anime. duh but the thing is i am VERY picking about my anime not as much as i was but im starting to run out of stuff to pick. the anime has to match all of the following rules .

1. needs to be more than 8 eps.

2. needs to have some conflict.

bleach (ichigo vs hollow, A guys? andcards?), death note (X-kira, Light vs "L", cops , "M", "N", F.B.I.) claymore (claymores vs awaken ones, yoma)

3. needs to have a good plot. the plot can NOT be made up as they go. So it can Not be like the TV show Lost.


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CaptainDHS Feb 20, 2008

Cool top 5, I've seen everyone but Claymore.


VivisQueen Jan 20, 2008

Welcome to the Major religion. From here on out it's addiction city.

sothis Jan 18, 2008

This error is happening, I believe, because the site is so heavily trafficed now... I have no way of fixing it at the moment.

Regardless, the site was definitely not made "not so long ago" ;)

krymsen Jan 18, 2008

you're quite welcome!

i've seen basilisk twice now that i own the dvd's.

i see on yr profile that yr no.2 requirement is conflict - well, the duals in basilisk are wicked! i honestly couldn't stop watching.

ooh - i'm so jealous you saw claymore. i really need to make time for that one!

have a great wknd :-)

Rizu Jan 18, 2008

Thanks, lol. :)

I made it from a Death Note screenshot.  I might have posted it somewhere before, but nowhere prominent.