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Winter Release Stars

11 FEB

Once again, I am back, alive and kicking to give you the top five from the most recent season.Doing these lists for the little seasons - Winter and Su... read more

Best Autumn Releases

10 DEC

Slightly delayed by exams and a change of country (You think I'm joking), I return to present you with the five best anime from Autumn 2009.I will be ... read more

Most Exciting Summer Releases

13 JUL

As featured in Milk Tea - find us on Youtube.My top five most exciting summer releases, based purely on the first episode - and slightly skewed becaus... read more

Top Five Spring Releases

12 JUL

As featured in Milk Tea - find us on youtube.So here we have my top five rundown of the spring releases - which was nowhere near as hard as I was expe... read more