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Experience is the father of wisdom and memory the mother.

I am 25 something years old male inhabitant of this little blue planet called Earth. Next to my daily job I enjoy reading, occasionally watching anime and playing a game or two, whenever life allows me to. My most cherished writers are H.P. Lovecraft and Andrzej Sapkowski.

My taste in anime is very diverse. Being a jack-of-all-anime-tastes means that I do no necceserily like, say, anime #1 while I may be completely in love with anime #2 of the same genre. That said, I do enjoy to watch plotty series and love to analyze and speculate about the story, settings and character development.

I grade my anime using this site's five star system, because it is that convenient. If you multiply it by two, ten, twenty or seventeen million you get pretty much same score you would have if you graded it on scale of ten, one hundred... etc. The show's score is calculated using the following criteria:

Narrative: 3 points, subdivided into:

Story: 1,5 point

I favor when the story knows what direction it is going, can conclude itself properly and leave me satisfied. If it ends abrupt, rushed or make me scratch my head without any hint of explanation (be it visual, metaphorical or something else) to why and how it did, well, then it clearly didn't do that great of a job. Plots that encourage me using my head, even remotely, will always receive more praise over the ones that do not. I consider the genre the anime belongs to when judging the narrative. Codemy series for example, generarly have less complex scenarios and are meant to entertain. Well-written stories with some minor flaws (that are overshadowed by the overall narrative,) are awarded 1,5 shiny point of awesomeness.

Characters: 1,5 point

Can't have a story without a cast to tell it, can we? I judge the characters based on their motivations, growth and emotional appeal. If a person is made a vile douche set to eradicate all of mankind, then you best explain/show me how and/or why he decided to embrace that path. Being evil for sake of being evil is a cheap trick I see as lazy writing and should be punished accordingly. I loathe characters that make dumb noble sacrifices because they're often handled poorly in most anime. Well crafted villains and anti-heroes will often receive some bonus points from me, because I like that archetype very much. Overall, if the character roster consists of likable, fleshed out individuals with a few obnoxious ones (depending on how big the anime's cast is), I will mostly let that fault slide, unless they are being very grating or highly insulting.

Visuals: 1 point

Compared to storytelling I'm pretty lax in judging an anime's visuals and have no high standards to animation, color palettes or character design. Thus the lowest grade I can give to any anime is a 0.5 because making it did require some effort, even if it had zero plot and no other redeeming qualities to it. I do like when the graphics look pleasing to the eye but will not flunk a show due to its 'poor' presentation. The majority of my watches are awarded with the maximum score.

Personal appeal: 1 point

Not an easy category to describe... Put it simply, this fluctuant score is based solely on how much an anime entertained me. Hitting the right notes to hype the viewer up, make them laugh, cry or think is not an easy feat to accomplish. The final score depends on variables such as choice of opening/closing themes, cast of voice actors, filler episode ratio, etc. The appeal an anime makes, is the penultimate factor that separates the (nearly) flawless (5.0), superb (4.5) and excellent (4.0) shows. In rare occasions it elevates a series that shouldn't have that high a score to my 'guilty pleasure' category (e.g. H.O.T.D. and Murder Princess).

I thank you for your time, dear visitor.

Drop a reply, anime recommendations or a piece of your mind below, if you feel like doing so. For those interested I can also also be found on Steam by the name of Guardspec.

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SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies


Jan 20, 2013


I just need to ask, who's the person in your avatar? If he's from an anime I want to see it because the artstyle looks pretty cool! ^_^

Jehowi avatar Jehowi


Jan 11, 2013

It's been a while since I last enjoyed an Anime this much... When they cry is pure gold. Go watch it already! I wish I had more spare time, but I've got exams coming up this Monday -.- I only just got to episode 4, but so far it's been great.

Jehowi avatar Jehowi


Jan 10, 2013

Good day to you.

Purplefeeling avatar Purplefeeling


Jul 7, 2012

Greetings to you, fellow Belgian sir!

I guess fate brings those with big dreams together. I convey my utmost respect to those operating behind the curtains ;)

Your anime list is quite impressive as well, almost as long as mine *uhum*

gleipnir avatar gleipnir

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 20, 2012

Thanks for commenting on my review!  Positive feedback is always encouraging!

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