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Experience is the father of wisdom and memory the mother.

I am 28 something years old male inhabitant of this little blue planet called Earth. Next to my daily job I enjoy reading, occasionally watching anime and playing a game or two, whenever life allows me to. My most cherished writers are H.P. Lovecraft and Andrzej Sapkowski. Originally a proud member of the Glorius PC Gaming Master Race, now also embracing the Sony entourage's bandwagon.

My taste in anime is very diverse meaning that I won't like this one anime and I may be completely in love with another of one the same genre. That said, I do enjoy to watch plotty series and love to analyze and speculate about the story, settings and character development.

I grade my anime using AP's five star system, because it is that convenient. If you multiply it by two, ten, twenty or seventeen million you get pretty much same resultyou would have if you graded it on scale of ten, one hundred... etc. The final score is calculated using the following criteria:

Narrative: 3 points, subdivided into:

Story: 1,5 point

I favor when the story knows what direction it is going, can conclude itself properly and leave me satisfied. If it ends abrupt, rushed or make me scratch my head without any hint of explanation (be it visual, metaphorical or something else) to why and how it did, well, then it clearly didn't do that great of a job. Plots that encourage me using my head, even remotely, will always receive more praise over the ones that do not. I consider the genre the anime belongs to when judging the narrative. Codemy series for example, generarly have less complex scenarios and are meant to entertain. Well-written stories with some minor flaws (that are overshadowed by the overall narrative,) are awarded 1,5 shiny point of awesomeness.

Characters: 1,5 point

Can't have a story without a cast to tell it, can we? I judge the characters based on their motivations, growth and emotional appeal. If a person is made a vile douche set to eradicate all of mankind, then you best explain/show me how and/or why he decided to embrace that path. Being evil for sake of being evil is a cheap trick I see as lazy writing and should be punished accordingly. I loathe characters that make dumb noble sacrifices because they're often handled poorly in most anime. Well crafted villains and anti-heroes will often receive some bonus points from me, because I like that archetype very much. Overall, if the character roster consists of likable, fleshed out individuals with a few obnoxious ones (depending on how big the anime's cast is), I will mostly let that fault slide, unless they are being very grating or highly insulting.

Visuals: 1 point

Compared to storytelling I'm pretty lax in judging an anime's visuals and have no high standards for animation, color palettes or character design. Thus the lowest grade I can give to any anime is a 0.5 because making it did require someone's effort to exist, even if it has zero plot and no other redeeming qualities to it. I do like when the graphics look pleasing to the eye but will not flunk a show due to its 'poor' presentation. The majority of my watches are awarded with the maximum score.

Personal appeal: 1 point

Hitting the right notes to hype the viewer up, make them laugh, cry or think is not an easy feat to accomplish. This final score depends on variables such as choice of opening/closing themes, cast of voice actors, filler episode ratio, etc. The appeal an anime makes, is the penultimate factor that separates the (nearly) flawless (5.0), superb (4.5) and excellent (4.0) shows. In rare occasions it elevates a series that shouldn't have that high a score to my 'guilty pleasure' category (e.g. H.O.T.D. and Murder Princess).

Drop a reply, anime recommendations or a piece of your mind below, if you feel like doing so. I am always up for a discussion (or silly random banter, your choice) about pretty much anything, so for those interested I can be found on Steam by the name of Guardspec.

I thank you for your time, dear visitor.

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Jehowi Dec 27, 2016

Welcome to the NHK!

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!


Akame Ga Kill

Food Wars!

There you go. I left out Fairy Tail since you already had your fair share of shonen with Bleach. I also left out Your Lie in April and Clannad because you'll probably watch those in the future anyway.

PurplePeopleEater Oct 16, 2016

(In reply to your recent comment on my profile)

I can understand that you believe first impressions aren't reviews and don't belong on this website. That is your belief. You do not run this site though. I, like you and many others, have my own beliefs about how things should be done and what should and should not be allowed. However, it is neither your place nor mine to decide what others may post on this site. We cannot force out beliefs onto others. That right belongs to the person(s) who own and run the site. If you have a problem with how the site is run, individual reviewers are not the ones you should be arguing with. It doesn't accomplish what you want and it's a good way to make enemies. The ones you need to argue your point with are the site staff. They are the only ones who can change the rules, although they probably won't since not everyone shares your view. The only other thing you can do is follow your own beliefs and hope that others will follow your lead.

You mentioned you don't think people should judge something by the beginning that they should wait till they see the entire thing. One problem with that is it's human nature, actually, it's natural for animals in general to make judgements on things based on appearances. It's part of survival. Sometimes those judgements are wrong. It's unfortunate but it's reality. In this case, initial judgements can help us decide which anime we want to watch if we only have a limited amount of time and can't watch all of them or if we can only watch one at a time and want to pick which one we want to start with. Of course, that isn't the only thing they are good for, but it's one reason.

Some people like to read reviews based on initial impressions. I write first impression reviews for those that want to read it and might benefit from it. I put the warning at the top saying it is a review based on the first couple of episodes and that people who don't like first impression reviews shouldn't read it to warn people like you so you know to avoid it. The people who like it can read it and the ones who don't will know not to even bother with it. You can't please everyone, but it's a sort of compromise between the two preferences.

 Now, in my opinion, my review voiced my opinion on a matter and could be helpful to someone on the fence. If I was on the fence and came across the review, I probably wouldn't be on the fence anymore. I would set it aside and watch to see if opinions improved with the release of new episodes. If they improved, then I might try it out. If they didn't, I would likely disregard it. The review alone and the rating the anime had received so far would tell me that right now, this anime didn't look like it was worth my time.

 In this case, that first impression turned out to be wrong. The second episode was far better. The mistakes in the first episode were not continued. I have now edited the review to include the second episode. I am not saying that first impression is meaningless though. It was not indicative of the how the next episode would turn out, but it's still important and it will still hurt the overall score once I finish the anime. First impressions are one of the most important elements for a story. Luckily, anime has the ability to fix things as they go since they make the episodes as they release them.

The following is just some advice. You don't have to take it, but I'll still offer it. You may already know it, and if so, I apologize for telling you something you already know.

You said that people can't handle criticism nowadays, but there is a fine line between being mean or bullying and criticizing. A single word, or how something is phrased can change whether someone interprets it as criticism or as being mean. This is even more true when typing on the internet. A stranger only has your choice of words and phrasing to determine your intentions. They have to imagine your tone of voice and body language because they can't observe it. Trying to be blunt, without being rude, and avoiding sugarcoating your words online is harder than it is in person. It can seem like sugarcoating when it's actually not. In person, you can use body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and pitch to communicate the intentions of your words. Online, only your words can communicate your intentions. Married people have problems because of how they word and phrase things when speaking to each other face to face. They have known each other for years. It's not hard to see how a complete stranger who can't see you could get the wrong idea based on how you word something.

You may already know this, but the statement "You are wrong" and the statement "I think you are wrong" do not carry the same intentions. The first statement comes off more threatening. It's aggressive and argumentative. The second statement isn't an attack. It's simply announcing the thoughts of the speaker. It does not condemn the other person. It establishes that it is your opinion. Starting a statement with "I believe", "I think", "I feel" is less aggressive. In those cases, you are simply establishing opinion.

 Of course, if the other person is answering math problems and says 2+2=3, then the first statement is more appropriate.

 When you use words like "stupid", "stupidity", "idiot", and "dumb" then it becomes aggressive as well. Instead of criticizing, it usually is interpreted as an attack. It isn't profanity, but it might as well be.

 Anyway, I apologize for the long reply. I hope no anime turns out like chaos;child. I did delete the last comment you left on the review since it wasn't actually about the anime. I believe I have already mentioned that if they are about the review and not the anime, then I will remove them. If not, then I have said it now.

I hope you have a good rest of the day or night.

PurplePeopleEater Oct 15, 2016

(In response to your comment on my profile) English is my first language and I am generally a good writer if I organize my thoughts and don't rush, for your information.

What basis did I report your comment? 1. It was not about the anime therefor it doesn't belong there. 2. It was disrespectful. Perhaps you didn't mean for it to be, but given your language used in the comment on my profile, you had every intention of being disrespectful. 3. I have every right to report it. 4. Profanity used when accosting someone simply proves immaturity. Profanity is not required for a statement or clump of statements to be deemed ugly, disrespectful, or rude. The fact you refrained from profanity does not make your statements acceptable. 5. You mentioned there is no law preventing you from voicing your opinion about my review. There is no law preventing me from deeming you rude and reporting your comment either. 

As you already pointed out, I hastily wrote the review. The intentions of the review have not changed. The opinions in the review have not changed. It is simply better worded. Although you wouldn't know, I have recently been going through my reviews from the past year and a half and revising them. 

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but my changing the review has nothing to do with you. It was someone else who convinced me to reread the review and make the much needed edits. My only hope is that through explanation, you will understand and not further exhaust me with your string of insults and unnecessary words. 

It's not unusual to write a review for first impressions of an anime. Many people do it. Also, what you refer to "bashing" an anime is just me giving my OPINION based on what I saw and perceived. You call it bashing because you don't like it. My guess is, if I wrote a review about how wonderful it was, you probably would be less inclined to say anything. We will never know. I have the right to give my opinion though. 

Trust me, there are far worse reviews on this site than any of mine. I have some advice for you to. Bother the writers of one of those reviews. Maybe their ears will be willing to listen to your advice. I didn't ask for it, nor do I want it. However, it would be unfair for me to receive your unwanted advice without giving you any. So here is some advice for you, not that I think you will take it. "Before you speak ask yourself, is it kind, is it true, is it necessary. If the answer is no, then keep it to yourself.

ps: some people are terribly afraid of clowns, so perhaps, looking like a clown is more fun!

PurplePeopleEater Oct 15, 2016

(In response to your comment on my occultic;nine review) I watched the episode the first time and did not watch it a second time. It was brought to my attention that my original post did not clearly present what I was trying to say. I wrote it in a rush originally. As for the rating, I decided my original rating was a bit to harsh, especially since I generally don't rate first episodes so low. If you think it did a 360, then it's because my original review was of poor quality. My oppinion of the anime has not changed.

Now, please stop posting on the review unless you have something to say about the anime. If it's about a review or a problem, post to my profile. 

PurplePeopleEater Oct 13, 2016

I forgot to inform you I have reported you and if you even make unnecessary comments again on my reviews or profile I will report you again.