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Hi! My name is Brianna and I'm a Junior at Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University. Majoring in Graphic Communications, I first gained an intense respect for anime and the talents of the artists after taking my first drawing class. This type of art isn't easy! The results of the artists' hardwork, however, are amazing. After being drawn in by that aspect, my love-affair with anime continued and now, I can honestly call myself an enthusist, if not an obsessor. O.O I'm also a HUGE fan of CLAMP and so far that I've seen, everything they do.

I have an awesome boyfriend, a wonderful family, and great friends in my life and I wouldn't be half of the person I am today without all of them. There isn't much more to say about me, I suppose, but if you want to know more, feel free to contact me!

The list of my five favorite anime isn't necessarily in any order as the list would suggest. I love all of these series, so, instead I'm just going to call them my favorites list! I simply don't have five favorite anime there I'm going to continue my list here.

I'm not very advanced in the world of anime, but I plan to be in the future. If you look at the amount of things that I have that I still want to watch it's definitely obvious that I still have so many that I want to enjoy. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me!

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wolfangel87 Jan 4, 2008

Welcome to Anime Planet!!!!!

naituramin Jan 4, 2008

I like your avatar Please teacher was a great anime, anyways welcome to anime planet.

SimplyEricJames Jan 4, 2008

 Welcome to AP!  I newly joined as well.  Force your boyfriend to watch Kanon (2006) with you.  It's a harem, so he SHOULD like it . . and it's also a drama (and a good one at that).  Your bio is quite a bit more complex than mine is. :P