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Hi folks,

just that you understand my ratings, here an average how i rate stuff:

0,5 awfull - plain and simple

1-2 still awful but with ok elements

2,5-3,5 your average show, mostly clichee stuff thats not presented very good, but you feel okay while watching. (this reads worse than its intended... well name it "normal" shows)

4 - a nice show, something to talk about and recommend to others

4,5 a very good show, only a little bit is missing and you cant tell what it actually is. There is still this feeling "wow, that was great, but One Piece/Monster/Jin Roh/[enter your favorites here] are still better

5 stars - well of corse my favorites ever. Those shows are mostly epic in a way, be it because the characters are just that great that you laugh really often or feel with them, or be it, because the story-writing was so great you didnt see (logical) twists coming. Those shows are the stuff you allways compare others to from the same genre.

Im trying to not spam much points, so most of my ratings are 2,5-3,5. everything above i have mostly watched multiple times because i enjoyed those shows very much.

so far

Cool Story, I like my Brake-ButtonStill watching those fillersOld School and still goodMy first anime was the movie ghost in the shellwruuum wrooom

more series badges to come... never gonna try the gundam one tho...

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